Football News : Lionel Messi could retire before the 2026 World cup!

Lionel Messi, who recently won the most prestigious trophy that football could offer, disclosed his plans about the future and if he will continue to spread his magic on the pitch. He had an outstanding World cup campaign at Qatar where he won the Golden Ball for the second time in his career.

He said before the World cup final against France that it could be his final International match as well, However, after winning that nail biting contest at the Lusail Stadium, Messi seemed to have change his mind and play for his Country as the World champion.

The type of team he has around, it wont be shocking if Argentina wins the 2024 Copa America at Ecuador. They are the reigning champions of both America and the World and head coach Lionel Scaloni will be backed to stay longer and build a system for and his successors to follow.

During his recent interview with Diaro Ole, the 35-year-old said that he is ageing every single day and it could make things difficult for him to feature in FIFA World Cup 2026 at Canada, USA and Mexico.

“I love playing soccer, I love what I do and while I am feeling well and feel I am fit and continue to enjoy it, I will do it. But it seems to be too much until the next World Cup. I have to see where my career goes, what I will do. It depends on many things.” 

But he also suggested that he could stretch a little more for the Copa America and the World cup in order to defend both the titles. “I will stay a little longer, I have to enjoy this.” This statement could sound a little confusing from his behalf but time will tell if we will see Messi win another trophy with La Albiceleste.