3 Reasons why FIFA World Cup 2022 is in the news for wrong reasons. Let’s explore in detail

The “FIFA World Cup 2022” has begun in Doha, Qatar, and will feature a number of top-tier footballers competing for the ultimate prize.

In this post, we will examine 3 causes for why this major event is receiving negative press. Let’s share them one at a time using the format below:

1. Unfair Treatment of workers and deaths: Yes, you read it correctly. Workers who have been involved in the construction of stadiums for the FIFA World Cup 2022 have not yet received payment for their labour, despite the fact that a fraudulent agreement has been signed claiming otherwise.

Many top players, including Christian Erikssen and others, have criticised organisers for holding the world cup in a nation that is least concerned with the livelihood of workers because they believe that “Football is for everyone and there should be no discrimination and everyone should be involved.” Additionally, some of the workers who were involved in the construction of stadiums have died on the job, which is a complete violation of human rights. As a result, they believe that “Football is for everyone”.

2. Changing Perceptions about Their Country: In response to a number of complaints made against the organisers, Qatar’s ambassador to the United States, Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani, told several media sources that this competition will assist to alter misconceptions about his nation.

He continued by saying that false factual reasons had been made against our nation, but that despite the difficulties we would experience along the way, we would fully embrace it.

“Qatar is open to investigation,”

“In fact, we have embraced it, but too often, platforms have been used to present biased, factually incorrect arguments that go beyond what some other countries that have been awarded major events have faced, despite each having their own specific set of difficulties to overcome,” While speaking to CNN, Thani stated.

3. Homosexuality: The majority of nations in the globe accept “Homosexuality” and encourage discussion of LGBTQ issues.

Since it is forbidden in Qatar, homosexuality has gained media attention.

On December 8, 2020, representatives of Qatar announced that they would abide by FIFA regulations and permit rainbow flags inside the stadium.

Let’s see what happens after this.

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