Bowlers with Most Dot Balls in TNPL 2022

Bowlers with Most Dot Balls in TNPL 2022

TNPL 2023 has already kicked off and one match has been played. Many players have produced dot balls and built tension. In this article, you will find the bowler with the Most Dot balls in TNPL 2022.

Dot balls play a crucial role in the TNPL league and can significantly impact the game. In TNPL, teams have limited overs to score runs, and the pressure to maintain a high scoring rate is often intense. Dot balls create pressure on the batting team, resulting in no immediate addition to the score. This can lead to frustration and impulsive shot-making, increasing the chances of wickets falling.

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Most Dot Balls in TNPL 2022 by Bowlers

Sandeep Warrier (CSG)

In the last season, Sandeep Warrier has played nine matches, took 11 wickets with an economy of 6.91, and produced 111 Dot balls. While he got one four-wicket haul and was given 242 runs, he is one of the fantastic players who can create massive pressure on the opposition and take the game forward to a victory.

Sunny Sandhu (SMP)

Sunny Sandhu is one of the top-notch players. He has produced 94 dots in the last season of TNPL 2022. While he has given 166 runs in 8 matches with an average of 20.75. However, he maintains line and length and tries to pressure the opposition and take wickets.

Siddharth (CSG)

In 9 matches, Siddharth took eight wickets and given 92 dot balls in the 2022 TNPL season. While he has produced 182 runs with an average of 22.75. He is one of the most fantastic bowlers and can pressure the opposition, bowl at good line and length, and take wickets.

Ajith Ram (LKK)

In 10 matches, Ajith Ram bowled 91 dots in the last season of TNPL 2022 and took ten wickets with an economy of 6.81 while he produced 252 runs. Although he tries to bowl a good rhythm, create pressure, and take wickets. He is a slow left-arm Orthodox bowler who can pressure other teams and take wickets.

Abhishek Tanwar (LKK)

Abhishek Tanwar is one of the top-quality bowler. While he has played nine matches and produced 89 dot ball in the last season of TNPL 2022. Although he took 17 wickets with an economy of 7.09 and produced 240 runs with an average of 14.11.