Best 5 Commentators in IPL History



Best Commentators in IPL

IPL is as big as a festival for India, the most lucrative league in the world is not just a money-spinner but also an entertainment package. IPL features the best in the world and at the same time helps in the making of the best. It is not just about the players or the owners, IPL is all about the fans and keeping them entertained in the stadium is the job of the players and cheerleaders and for those watching it online or on television the entertainment factor has to be kept intact by the commentators. Commentators have their own way of presenting things, be it a bit dramatic or informative and on this very basis here is the list of the top commentators in IPL.

Top 5 Commentators in IPL:


#5 Danny Morrison


Danny Morrison is at number five in the list for the top 5 commentators in IPL. He had a successful career on the field for the kiwis as he played nearly 50 test matches and took 160 wickets and also played close to hundred one day internationals. Post-retirement Danny started commentating and is one of the funniest commentators in the game. He isn’t just restricted to IPL, one can watch him in the PSL, CPL or BPL. His funny way of introducing and innovative appearances keep the audience entertained. He is a part of the Star Sports-English commentary panel.

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#4 Ian Bishop


Ian Bishop is a commentator in the list for the top 5 commentators in IPL who saw his promising cricketing career cut short by injuries at regular intervals. He was a promising right-arm fast bowler who represented the West Indies at the international stage. He was fast, he was fierce and his commentary in IPL is factual and to the point. His tone and ability to overshadow others help him attract the audience. He is a part of the Star Sports-English commentary panel.

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#3 Aakash Chopra

The only commentator in the list for the top 5 commentators in IPL to have actually played in the league. Aakash Chopra has made himself a star with his commentary style, he has his own youtube channel named #akashvaani where he shares cricket insights. He is very creative with the use of words and uses metaphors to enhance what he speaks. Aakash’s cricket career wasn’t as successful as he would have liked it to be but today his commentary ability and his performance as an analyst in IPL have given him fame. He is a part of the Star Sports-Hindi commentary panel.

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#2 Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar Photo

Considered as the best of his time, Sunil Gavaskar has been an inspiration to many cricketers in the country and back then he had popularity like no other. Sunil played over 100 tests and ODI’s for team India. His batting average of 50+ in test speaks a lot about his ability considering the fact that bowlers during that time were a lot more devastating. A successful cricketer with a huge fan following when speaks you have to listen and similar happens when he comments during IPLĀ  matches. He is a part of both Hindi and English commentary panel of Star Sports.

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#1 Harsha Bhogle

Harsha-Bhogle Photo

Harsha Bhogle in the only non-cricketer in the list for the top 5 commentators in IPL. He is a professional journalist and analyst. He started commenting at the age of 19 with All India Radio. He is the part of the Star Sports-English as well as the Hindi commentary panel. He has played cricket in junior-level cricket and is a keen observer of the game. His way of speaking and looking at the game is different from that of the other cricketers. He is amongst the best commentators in the world and is regarded as the best in the IPL, even after being criticized by the BCCI as well as the players at a stage in his life.

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