“Aur isko Kohli se Compare Karna hain Khud Ko” Fans Slams Pakistan Star Batter on social media after his new controversy


“One second up, another second down, that’s Pakistan cricket for you”, as many analysts have said in the past.

If a movie on Pakistan’s cricket team were to be filmed, it would be the exact summation of “Game of Thrones.” Pakistan’s cricket is similar to their politics.

There is a feeling of unease among the Men in Green setup since we have heard some former cricketers talk poorly of current cricketers when they leave international competition.

A girl is trying to discredit Babar in a recent tweet after sexting photographs of the Pakistani star batter Babar Azam were exposed on social media.

Although the veracity of this report has not yet been verified, the boy in the picture resembles Babar.

Fans criticise Babar Azam on social media once it is revealed, and his frequent comparisons to Virat Kohli are also highlighted in an offensive way.

I’ll list a few of the responses in the format below:

The news’s veracity has not yet been confirmed, though.

Speaking of his cricketing prowess, he is undoubtedly one of the best Pakistani batsmen to emerge in recent memory, but Kohli and he began their respective careers at separate times, so drawing comparisons between them is a bit unfair.

In contrast to Azam, who began his cricket career in 2015, Kohli began his in 2009.

It is the fault of numerous Pakistani journalists, skippers, and others that frequent comparisons are made, and this must cease.

Let’s see how much news is authentic as it is yet to be confirmed and if it happens, it will big blow to Pakistan cricket.