This player admitted that he did not have as much freedom as Virender Sehwag had in team India

This player admitted that he did not have as much freedom as Virender Sehwag had in team India

In a very recent development, we all were made aware of Murali Vijay‘s decision to leave Indian cricket and find suitors overseas. His decision has come after years of not getting selected for India as his form also saw a major dip. But we all know of his initial days or peak years at the IPL for CSK.

His blistering batting saw him becoming an opener for India in Test cricket. One of his most notable innings was seen during India’s tour of England in 2014. In total he played 61 Test matches for the national side but his last Test appearance was back in December 2018 against Australia at Perth.

Due to his frustration for being declined and neglected, Murali Vijay just a few days ago wished to leave Indian cricket in order to find suitors abroad. He admitted that the BCCI has failed to provide enough opportunities to players and that’s why he will go abroad to fulfill his desire of playing competitive cricket.

Yesterday Murali Vijay revealed another story which might have forced him to take a decision. The 38-year-old admitted that playing alongside former Indian batter Virender Sehwag had impacted his career. We all know of Sehwag’s mastery, he was one of the most deadliest batters to bowl in front of and he if is beside you, one must learn.

Vijay opened with Sehwag during their tour to Australia in 2014. While Reminiscing them, he admitted that he wished to have as much as Freedom Virender Sehwag had. Vijay said if he also received that much of backing from the dressing room, his career would have shaped differently in his ageing years.

“Consciously, I didn’t get the freedom of Virender Sehwag to be honest. Whatever Sehwag got in his life, I didn’t. If I could have got that kind of backing and open-spreaded talks, I could have also tried. The honest thing is the team’s backing and how you can contribute to the team at an international level. It’s a high-level competition and you don’t have many chances to experiment in different ways.”