All the rules of Pro Kabaddi League in detail

PKL Rules and Regulations

Pro Kabaddi League is the second most eyeballed marquee event in India after IPL with 43.5 crore views. Over the last 8 seasons PKL has seen increase in the viewership, as PKL is a 40 minute package full of entertainment and action between the 2 sides.

But, the problem is that most of the supporters of PKL are not acquainted with the rules of the game. While the 2021 Pro Kabaddi season is on most of the questions of the fans are hoped to be answered below as we discuss about the rules of PKL.

Kabaddi Rules:

Kabaddi is played between 2 Teams with seven player`s each who play on opposite sides of the court. The motive of the teams is to score the most points, and the team with the most points is announced as the winner. The points can be scored via two aspects- attacking and defending.

Points can be scored by attacking and defending. Attacking includes a “Raider” entering into opponent`s side to tag as many defender as they can without getting pinned to the ground.

Rule while Raiding:

  • When a raider is in the opposing court, he must keep uttering Kabaddi and can only stop once he come back to his court. If the raider pauses, then he has to get back to his own court without scoring any pint.
  • The raider cannot be grabbed by anything other than his limbs and torso, and it is closely monitored by the officials.
  • Athletes cannot step out of the court, and doing so might result in the loss of a point. There is a specific zone called lobby which is active only when the raider has made a contact with the defender.
  • After 2 consecutive empty raids, the attacking team have to make a “do-or-die” raid, and if they fails to score a point in “do-or-die” raid then in result, defending team will get a point.
  • If a team gets all-out then the opposite team gets 2 points in result for getting the opposition all-out.


When a raider scores ten or more raid point in a single game, then the achievement is called Super 10. The points could be either bonus or touch points but the points should not be awarded to the overall team, such as technical points.


Scoring 5 or more tackle points by a defender in a game by a single player is known as High 5.


A double in Kabaddi is very rare; it can only be scored by an all-rounder. When an all-rounder scores both Super 10 and High 5 in a single game, then this achievement is known as Double.


  • When a team wins a match then they will be awarded 5 points, whereas 3 points for a draw or a tie.
  • If a team loses by a margin of less than seven points the they gets 1 point.