A Sneak peak into the NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament

NXT UK Women's Championship Tournament

It’s quite often when WWE has came over with certain specific WWE shows while ensuring the global outreach of WWE in mind. There were many shows which were made part of their yearly Roster while being staged in different countries outside of the USA to endorse the WWE brand to other major parts of the World. The WWE NXT UK women’s championship was another step towards the same direction.

NXT UK Women's Championship Tournament

The NXT UK Women’s championship is another major professional WWE championship specifically for the Women wrestlers which was initiated and promoted by the American Professional wrestling promotion unit of WWE to further develop and endorse their NXT UK brand.

NXT UK Women’s Championship History and Background

NXT UK Women Championship

The NXT UK Women’s Championship was initiated with a motive of promoting Women’s wrestling over the UK territories along with increasing the WWE influence over this major part of the world. Moreover, it was On June 18, 2018, during the United Kingdom Championship Tournament event, the inaugural United Kingdom Women’s Championship, along with the United Kingdom Tag Team Championship, was announced to take place under the WWE’s NXT UK brand.

 It was further being followed by a  two-day eight-woman single-elimination tournament which was being  staged to declare the First ever champion during the first show of NXT UK. Moreover The championship belt was unveiled further during the show staged  on the August 25.Eventually it was  Rhea Ripley, who went on to become the First ever champion of the inaugural NXT UK Women’s championship by  beating down Toni Storm in the finals of the tournament.

The Inception of NXT UK Championship

It’s quite interesting to know that this famous Brand came first into picture in December 2016, while it was been announced that a  16-man tournament to crown the inaugural WWE UK Champion, would take place in UK. Eventually, the title was won by Tyler bate. Moreover, the championship got all the hype in various autonomous shows such as PROGRESS wrestling, along with the main NXT brand.

Moreover, British wrestler Johnny Saint was declared  as the General Manager of NXT UK in July 2018 and It was further been announced  that a women’s and tag team division championships would be initiated under the brand name NXT UK, which got staged in July 2018 only.

Interesting Facts about the NXT UK Women’s Championship 2018

The Famous Design and logo on the Championship belt

NXT UK Women belt

While the WWE NXT UK women’s championship belt was unveiled, it was been identified as more or less similar to that of their male counterparts known as the WWE United Kingdom Championship. Just like the United Kingdom Championship, the center plate design seems to be inspired by the United Kingdom’s royal coat of arms, which featured a lion and a horse (instead of the traditional unicorn) on either side of the arms.

Still there was one basic difference between the two championship belts and that was the NXT UK logo inside of the shield of the centre plate of the NXT UK Women’s championship. On the other hand, the Men’s version got just the WWE logo on its centre plate with crown jewels atop the same.

Rhea Ripley being the First NXT UK Women’s Championship Winner

Rhea Ripley

After the inaugural edition the NXT UL Women’s championship came to an end, Rhea Ripley  went on to became the first-ever NXT UK Women’s Champion at the NXT UK tapings at Insomnia,, at NEC Birmingham.

Moreover, the other contenders who were in the list to fight for the coveted title were Toni Storm, Jinny, Isla Dawn, Millie McKenzie, Nina Samuels, Dakota Kai and Xia Brookside.

Quite interestingly, this Title win also made Ripley the first Australian woman to ever win a WWE championship. It was her Compatriot Buddy Murphy, from Melbourne, who earlier became the first man from Australia to do the same during his title win in NXT Tag Team championship along with his partner Wesley Blake in 2015.

An “All Aussie Affair” in the Finals

Rhea Ripley vs. Storm

As Ripley won the coveted title, the final match eventually became an “All Aussies” affair while the Adelaide-born Ripley battled it out for a win against the Gold Coast-raised Toni Storm.

Even though Storm lost the match against Ripley, she still got a chance to battle alongside Japanese star Io Shirai in the final of the Mae Young Classic at the WWE Evolution pay per view event in the October month later in the year.

The Presence of “New day “star Xavier woods during the event

Xavier woods in NXT UK Women’s championship

While the NXT UK Women’s championship did staged during the famous Insomnia festival in Birmingham UK, one of the partner’s of the current tag team title holders “New Day” Xavier woods was seen hanging around in the gaming festival in Birmingham. It was been found further that he was there to grab some content for his gaming channel UpUpDownDown.

Upcoming Matches in the NXT UK Women’s Championship

Matches in the NXT UK Women’s Championship

The Evolution (All Women’s Championship)

Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Jinny

History will be made on Oct. 28 when WWE would stage its first ever women’s pay-per-view show, Evolution. Although the divas of WWE were getting all the hype and relevance in the already going WWE shows and Pay per views, it would be for the very first time that they would be getting a dedicated show for them only. The Event is supposed to be held at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York and a number of Women’s players from the past, present and upcoming WWE Women’s roster would be battling it out in the ring for the big Showdown.

Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Jinny

While we get to know that Rhea Ripley was eventually been crowned as the first ever winner of the NXT UK Women’s championship Title, she is most probably be going to defend the same in the upcoming Evolution (All Women’s Show). Moreover, Storm was supposed to be her first challenger due to the fact that she was the one to be defeated in the inaugural event, but as she will be featuring in the upcoming Mae Young Classic final, there would be some other player which can be seen as challenging Ripley for the NXT UK Women’s title at the Evolution. Although there are many names in the contention for the same, Jinny is the one which currently got the biggest probability of giving Ripley a Run for her title in the Evolution showdown.

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