A look at all the series which have either been cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus 

In the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak that has caused mayhem across the globe, a host of cricket series have either been postponed or called off. 

IPL getting suspended until 15th March 

Most of the major sporting events have been called-off or suspended due to the deadly disease. The recent being World’s biggest T20 franchise tournament, Indian Premier League been suspended until 15th April. 

The BCCI will monitor the situation weekly and then decide if it’s conducive to begin the full tournament after 15th or shut it off this year. 


India odi series

The ODI series between India and South Africa which was scheduled to take place between 12th March and 18th March was called-off after the first game was washed out at Dharamshala. 

 New Zealand tour of Australia 2020

New Zealand and Australia played their first of the three-match ODI series without any spectators in Sydney as the next two one-day internationals were also supposed to take place in empty stadiums. However, with Coronavirus outbreak sweeping across the globe, New Zealand team were told to go back home and the series got cancelled and thereby ended in no-result. 


The Road Safety World Series which featured legendary players such as Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Virender Sehwag to name a few has been rescheduled to a later date (not known yet). The star players will be in action as and when the situation gets under control.



Before the start of the series, England skipper Joe Root very categorically told that they would not shake hands with Sri Lankan players during the tour as a precautionary measure to fight the disease. However, only restricting hand-shake wasn’t enough, given how fast the respiratory disease was spreading. The series was eventually called-off with ECB deciding to call back the team without participating in the series. 

Here’s a look at all the Internationals and domestic series which are being cancelled or postponed: 


  1. Sheffield Shield in Australia
  2. New Zealand tour of Australia 2020
  3. MCC vs Essex match in Galle
  4. Netherlands tour of Namibia
  5. Surrey and Worcestershire cancel pre-season tours


  1. IPL postponed from March 29 to April 15
  2. India vs South Africa ODI series
  3. Road Safety World Series
  4. England tour of Sri Lanka 2020
  5. World Cup League 2 series in Florida
  6. World XI v Asia XI matches in Bangladesh
  7. Everest Premier League in Nepal
  8. Australia Women’s tour of South Africa
  9. Irani Cup and India domestic tournaments on hold
  10. Cricket in West Indies remains suspended from March 16 for a minimum of 30 days