50 Million Cricket Fans Log on to UC Browser For IPL 2019

UC Browser for ipl 2019

It is time for the biggest carnival in India, it is time for an event which is making summer season awesome since the year of 2008. Back then it was just television as an only source to witness the IPL other than witnessing it live in the stadium.  Nowadays, there is lots of source like Hotstar and Airtel TV. As there are a greater number of office goers, watching IPL games in the mobile has become a big and long-time trend. A New giant to the list is the UC browser. In today’s column, let us discuss the fact that UC browser has gained over 50 million users in the IPL 2019. Let us have a look at the reasons.

UC Browser for ipl 2019

Then Ali Baba digital media and entertainment has tied up with UC browser and UC browser has come up with a separate cricket app to make it more interesting for cricket fans. They have also made it more professional by appointing Virender Sehwag and Irfan Pathan to make the content more interesting. Adding such professionals has made their content more reliable and professional.

Expert and Fan factor Of UC Browser:

The legends having a conversation with fans was almost a fantasy a decade ago. UC browser has made that possible which drags so many viewers into the platform, and it is one of the prime reasons for having 50 million users in the 2019 IPL.  That is one of the biggest factors in the IPL, fans cheer for the team according to players and having a conversation with legendary players surely excites fans.

Play And Win The Contest:

They have introduced the play and win a contest which boosts the morale of the fans. It is kind of the contest which fetches the cash for one simple guess. This is another prime reason for such crowded traffic for the UC browser.  

Female Attraction Factor On UC Browser:

Female Attraction Factor On UC Browser

To make it interesting for female cricket fans, UC has come up with an interesting contest called UC miss cricket where browsers can vote for their contestants and the winners will be announced. This contest has gathered lots of female fans coming into the UC browser.  In the growing world of feminism, giving importance to the female section will only work out successfully.

Creating Short Videos:

Every match is a festival and every game has so many moments which attracts fans, and everyone would wish to witness such moments repeatedly. Here is where they gain so much of traffic by making such videos. It actually brings many nostalgic feels to all the fans as they also bring in some old videos which fetch every fan the exact feel which is needed.

What is UC Browser?

It is a third-party browser recently tied up with Alibaba entertainments For IPL 2019. The browser is available through all the android versions in the world.


IPL is the only tournament which brings such traffic over 50 million and UC browser has no other way than making merry of it. they have worked smartly throughout this IPL and smart work has fetched the result beyond expectations. Wherever you notice, smart work always pays off and UC browser has done exactly the same.

Giving priority to the female fans is one of the vital moves which has worked for them and that too can be considered as the smartest of the move from the browser team. The right contents and the way they attracted the cricket fans have made 2019 IPL a fairytale for them. We wish UC browser team would come up with more attractive ideas in IPL 2020 to make it more memorable.

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