10 Greatest WWE Players of all time

Pro wrestling started emerging as the major sports during the 1960s. Many people have started taking it as one of the career options. There are several companies started running pro wrestling events during that time. Popularity getting increased day by day and that reflected in the television ratings and stadium attendance. Many magazines started writing columns for this and many commentators and pro wrestling writers started emerging during those years. Wrestling combined with entertainment is a real treat to watch and it brought so many excitements among the audience.

Best WWE Players

The widespread popularity in the USA started spreading to other countries and it gains the main prominence in Latin American countries and some parts of Europe and Asia.  The company capitalized this overwhelming popularity and took the sport to the next level is the world wrestling foundation. It has produced so many legends and is the leading company in the pro wrestling industry.

The company has gone through many changes according to the situation and time and it still continues to rule the pro wrestling industry. Moreover, they are the face of the pro wrestling i9ndustry over 40 years. Rebranded as WWE it continues to attract the huge people across the globe.  They are the number one company not only because they have been involved for so many years but also they have given a better experience to the audience and produced so many epic battles between the WWE stars and produced so many legends to the pro wrestling industry. Here are the lists of top ten greatest WWE stars of all time:

The Undertaker

The UndertakerImage Source

Mark William Calaway formerly known as the Undertaker has been one of the recently retired WWE stars who ruled the pro wrestling industry over the years. Touted as one of the best wrestlers of all time his longevity and ability to maintain his gimmick over the years is made his so special. He made his debut in WWE in the 1990s at survivor series PPW but soon he rose to fame and become the most famous superstar thanks to his gimmick. He was involved in epic battles with almost every greatest superstar in WWE right from mankind to Brock Lesner and continues to rule the internet through his matches even today.

Steve Austin

Steve AustinImage Source

Bitterly known as stone cold, Steve Austin is undoubtedly a clear legend was the poster boy of the company during the attitude era. He was one among the superstars who made the WWE the must-watch show among the audience.  His character was designed in such a way of disrespectful, beer drinking and anti-hero gimmick made him the popular among the audience. During his tenure, he has won so many titles that include WWF champion for six-time, the Intercontinental champion for two times, tag team champion for four times. His long standing battle with company CEO Vince McMahan was also a treat to watch during those days. he is one of the primary reasons for WWE to outsmart the ratings among other competitors.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn MichaelsImage Source

Often called as the showstopper and Mr. WrestleMania Shawn Michaels is not only known for his wrestling skills, but also known for his epic promo speeches in the WWE ring.  He was the first wrestler to win all the titles offered by WWE.  He mainly involved in storylines with Triple H and but remains as one of the best tag team champions of all time. They both involved in epic battles and he was known for his moves which is an ultimate treat to watch.  He is currently signed to WWE as legends contract and makes the occasional appearance in the ring for promos.

The Rock

The RockImage Source

Rock needs no introduction to WWE. The undisputed champion of all time Dwayne Johnson is an American- Canadian was the major star during the attitude era. He continues to draw huge crowds. His promo speeches and undisputed wrestling talent made him so popular. He is currently a semi-retired wrestler and one of the most popular Hollywood actors.  He is a one who successfully utilized his pro wrestling popularity into Hollywood career and he was so successful there also. He is one of the highest paid actors in the world.

John Cena

John CenaImage Source

John Felix Antony Cena one of the most popular wrestlers of current generation began his pro wrestling career in ultimate pro wrestling and become the world heavyweight champion in 1999. He successfully signed a contract with WWE in 2001 and made the debut into the main roster in 2002. Since then there is no stopping for Cena as he is currently the best wrestler and won WWE champion for the record 16 times. He is holding this record along with Ric Flair and he has got every chance to break that record in future.

Triple H

Triple HImage Source

No one forgets his tag team partnership with Shawn Michaels and this evolution team along with Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton. One of the best pro wrestlers of all time has been around the WWE for 16 years and currently, Triple H is a COO of the company. Married to Stephanie McMahan is one of the powerhouses of the pro wrestling industry.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk HoganImage Source

It is not easy to forget Hulkamania the undisputed star of the 1980s is a pillar of WWE’s popularity and growth. Hulk Hogan along with Bret Hart is the major reason for the WWF to stay ahead of their competitors. Often involved in various storylines and still continues to make an occasional appearance in the ring.

Bret Hart

Bret HartImage Source

The Canadian born wrestler is the second generation wrestler of the famous hart family is undoubtedly a star during his playing days. Bret Hart has been involved in various storylines along with Hulk Hogan and one of the primary reasons for the success of the WWE.

The Ultimate Warrior

Image Source

One of the insane performers of the ring known for his whirlwind entrances, high octane performances and trademark promos The Ultimate Warrior is a complete package in the pro wrestling industry. He, along with hulk Hogan, Andre the giant and Ric flair are involved in s many epic battles in the ring over the years.

Andre The Giant

Andre The GiantImage Source

The towering and gigantic wrestlers of all time Andre the Giant is the best wrestler during 1980s. The WWE honored him by announcing the special tournament under his name. He is known for his epic battles with hulk Hogan and both drew huge crowd during their playing days. Simply a great and will be remembered for his wrestling skills over the years.

Not only above mentioned players but also many other wrestlers who made WWE, the best pro wrestling company in the world. Still, they continue to draw huge and continue to rule the YouTube platforms through their videos. It is high time for the WWE to identify the talents that matches the above mentioned wrestlers in order to survive and stay ahead of others.

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