WTC Final 2023: The Importance of Team Balance in IND vs AUS World Test Championship Final

Cheteshwar Pujara

India vs Australia WTC final 2023: Team Balance

A balanced team is one in which there is stability in both, bowling and batting departments. In this manner, a team is going to have more chances to win the test match in any situation. Also, a team balance of young players and experienced players is important. The reason the Indian team was able to win their first test series in Australia under the captaincy of Ajinkya Rahane is that there was a balance in the team. Even though Virat Kohli was not able to play the winning matches, India still went on to win the series.

Team Balance for WTC Final

It is necessary to have 5 main batsmen for a test match, including one all-rounder, one wicketkeeper, and four main bowlers. In this manner, a team will be able to maintain its balance for all types of situations in the match.

 Five main batsman

In the current Indian test team, we have a number of experienced batsmen, like Kohli, Rohit, and Pujara. With 5 main batsmen, India will be easily able to put a good amount of total on board. That means if India is able to set a total of over 500 runs in the first innings, then that means they have won half of the test match.

Four main bowlers

 Four main bowlers of the Indian team must include at least one spinner. They don’t need to have one more spinner because Rahane is going to perform that role as an all-rounder. Spinners are going to be very helpful when the ball loses its shine. That is when they will be needed to take some wickets and put some pressure on the opposition.

 One all-rounder

 An all-rounder is going to help the team to sail through, in case they are one short of a batsman or a bowler. In that case, the all-rounder will be able to play any of the roles and help the team to sail through the rough patch.

 A skilled wicket-keeper batsman

 It is said that the wicketkeepers are not very good batsmen. But players like Dhoni and Pant have proved this wrong with their excellent batting. Because Pant is not physically fit right now, India would need to take a very skilled wicketkeeper-batsman who will be able to contribute with the bat.

Once the conditions mentioned above will be fulfilled, then certainly a team will be called as a complete team with a good team balance. So, let’s see which team is going to have a better team balance.