Reason why New Zealand-England series is not included in the World Test Championship

When the kiwis were busy rejoicing the jubilant 1st test victory over England, the English laughed it off calling the win as a regular win and it will have no impact on the World Test championship points table.

The fans were amused when they found the series was not the part of the championship. And if you like most others aren’t aware as to why the series has not been the part of the ICC test championship, read further.

The real reason why the series was excluded from World Test Championship:

According to ICC test championship rules, each test playing nation has to play 3 test series outside the home and the same number of series away from home. In the two-year current cycle England will play 4 tests in South Africa (December 2019), 2 tests in Sri Lanka (March 2020) and 5 tests in India (January 2021).

The New Zealand series was added much later after the road map of World Test championship was designed. Adding any new series would impact the points table of the World Test championship.

Where New Zealand looked miffed with the decision, the three lions looked relieved because if the test had been the part of the Championship, England would have lost 60 points.

India is currently at the top of the table with 360 points under the belt followed by Australia (116 points), New Zealand (60 points), Sri Lanka (60 points), and England (56 points).

Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh and South Africa are yet to win any game of the championship. Looking at the World test championship schedule it seems unlikely these teams are going to make much impact in the rankings and the points table.

The World Test championship will be played from 1st August 2019 to 14th June 2021.


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