Wrestlers Protest news : Despite meetings with SAI protesters still have a long fight for Justice!

India’s top and medal winning Wrestlers’ protest Part 2 at Jantar Mantar has reached its 16th day as the grapplers await clarity in their fight against the entire system of the country’s apex body of Wrestling. The protest led by Vinesh Phogat, Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik is against WFI President Brij Bushan Singh Sharan.

It all started in January when they first came out to stage protest against Brij Bushan, alleging him of sexual harassment and mental torture which also included a Minor. Justice was promised to the Wrestlers by the government as a separate committee was organized only for the Wreslters to take the streets of Jantar Mantar once again in Mid-April.

On Saturday evening, SAI officials including the Director General sat down with a 9-member advisory committee of the Wrestlers to discuss about the matter and what is to follow. After the meeting, Sakshi Malik appeared in front of cameras and said that the meeting was of no use as a concrete decision or resolution is still not made.

In fact, SAI officials are yet to reach back to the Wrestlers since their dialogue last weekend. Meanwhile, the Protest at Jantar Mantar has attracted massive number of people in support of the Wrestlers’ demands. Workers’ Union and Farmer’s Union have aided the protesters and were a part of the Mahapanchayat held on Sunday.

Videos of the Khap Leaders and Senior Farmer politicians of Bharat Kisan Union and Samyukta Kisan Morcha have been going viral on the Internet. They are seen breaking through the Delhi Police barricades and many more people are expected to join them in the forthcoming days.

The security by Delhi Police has been increased and it will be fair to say that Delhi will be on Red-alert in the days to follow. As the Wrestlers await for a verdict after the FIR’s against Brij Bushan Singh, it is being said that the Protest will go on as it is until 21st of May.