Can 2019 World Cup Host Clinch Their Maiden World Cup Title?

world cup 2019

2019 world cup

So it is 2019, and cricket fans are gearing up for the most important world cup in England. There are so many predictions and opinions from fans and experts who are going to play final and who is going to win the world cup. Most of the experts predict an India vs England final, some predict an England win, some predicts an Indian win. Some come out of the box to predict the West Indies might shock the world by lifting their third trophy after 43 years. The world cup is happening in England, the country is the founder of the game sadly has not won a world cup yet. The world cup is happing in England after 20 years and this time England side looking strong and attractive which made them a top contender to lift the trophy. Now the question is, will they finally be able to lift the trophy in 2019? Let us discuss that in today’s column.

Why They Can?

Their batting looks stronger than ever

Keep the test cricket apart from this discussion; England always had some legendary batsman and line up in test cricket. But for the past two decades, their batting line ups in limited overs cricket has never up to the mark. Except for one or two batsmen, England one day side has failed to perform collectively. 2010 t20 world cup was an exception as Kevin Pietersen heroics has guided them to the maiden title in an ICC event. But that is not the case for the past 3 years, ever since their first round exit in 2015 world cup, England one day side has evolved into something really extraordinary.

World Cup 2019

Strong opening batsmen in Alex Hales and stylish Jason Roy and Joe root coming in at Number 3 makes England top order a Rock. The middle order is looking prettier than ever with Johny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, and Jos Butler and finally, a player like Moeen Ali in the protection spot in case of collapse makes England close to unshakable in this world cup.

Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali factor

World Cup 2019

Spin department is very important to win big tournaments. Not every day a fast bowling unit or batting unit can win matches for the country. In case of defending a low score, the contribution of spinners is going to be a high priority for stopping runs and picking up wickets to put pressure on the opposition batsmen. Luckily for England this time, there is brilliant off-spinner in Moeen Ali and a fantastic leg spinner in Adil Rashid and the even more good news that they are in good form. This combination can provide England some crucial wins deep in the tournament. Even if they go wicketless, these both spinners have the capacity to stop runs and put pressure on batsmen who will help their fast bowlers to get wickets and make it as complete teamwork. If all this combo and trick works, we cannot see England anywhere less than a world cup final.

All Rounders

World Cup 2019

Ben Stokes, Chris Noakes, and Moeen Ali, this is not a batting line up, these three all-rounders will play in the main 11 of England world cup team which once again makes them mighty going into the world cup that too when it happens in their own backyard. All-rounders are always an asset for the team and the fact that they are also brilliant fielders are another added fuel to the already growing fire. If this side fire collectively, we don’t think anything can stop them.

Now, we have discussed their strength, but every team will have small weakness and the boxes they cannot tick as it will not be shown to their eyes, such is the irony of the life and the game. What is that?

Inconsistency in The Bowling Attack

World Cup 2019

England side looks very mighty and each and every player in the squad is outstanding. But there is an inconsistency in their fast bowling line up. They don’t have a fierce bowling line up like India or Australia. Their bowlers tend to leak runs at times which will backfire in the crucial situations. Compare it with England’s test team, James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Mark wood makes it an invisible bowling line up and one of the most dangerous bowling line up in the world, but their one day bowling does not provide the same level of threat and best proof for it will be the recently concluded series in West Indies. One day series ended 2-2, which is actually dominated by West Indies and England bowling has been taken for a thrashing. Even the target 414 was almost chased by the West Indies. This series has actually made people think of their world cup contenders tag. The tag has actually taken a beating.

Despite the series level yet a failure to West Indies, we can still tag England as top contenders with a tough fight coming from India and Australia. Maybe the West Indies series can be a perfect wakeup call at the right time to get alert and tick the boxes. The world cup is always unpredictable, but if you ask us whether England can win the world cup, then it is BIG yes, there is a high chance.

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