Why Does Indian Bowlers Fetch More Price In The IPL ?

Indian Bowlers Fetch More Price In The IPL : IPL is coming and it is easy to start celebrating and enjoy the biggest festival in the country with full of happiness. The beauty of IPL is the fact that fan starts following it on television right from the auctions. Players get prices according to the plan of franchise and batsman and all-rounders tend to go for more price as they add up to more value of the format. It is an easy decision to pick an all-rounder as he will be able to contribute in the multiple departments of the game. In today’s column, let us discuss about the fact that why do Indian bowlers fetch highest prices in IPL.

Availability Throughout The Tournament

No matter how many batsman or all-rounder you have in the team, you always wish to have a set of specialized bowlers in the squad. How can that be the reason to have Indian pacers in the team and fetch more price? It is because Indian bowlers will not meet with international fixtures and will be available throughout the tournament. This is one of the main reasons that the Indian pacers fetch more price than any other pacers in international cricket.

Easily Can Fit Into Main 11

A pacer can fit into main 11 and that makes the franchise more confident because they can let a particular player play in almost all the matches. There is a rule in the IPL that only 4 overseas players are allowed to play in the main 11, this makes franchise think about offering high pay for a foreign bowler. This is another prime reason that Indian pacers will be getting high pay for IPL. Even though there are one or two overseas players who fetch more money like Starc, Indian pacers fetch more and more prices in the IPL.

Few Bowlers Who Fetched High Price In The IPL

Mohit Sharma( 5 crores)

Mohit Sharma( 5 crores)

Mohit Sharma was picked up by Chennai super kings for 5 crores which makes his price tag healthier and costlier. He can play all games in the tournament and he can bowl complete spell in all the matches. Any captain and franchise or the coach will need him in their side as he completely balances the main 11. This is the reason he had given such a huge price and offered a big contract for three years.

Mohammed Shami ( 4.80 crores)

Mohammed Shami ( 4.80 crores)

He is one of the best bowlers in our country and no wonder that he was offered a good price around 5cr by the Kings 11 Punjab management. He can bowl pace and line at the same time which makes him the bowler who is hard to hit.

Jaydev Unadkat:( 8.40 crore)

Jaydev Unadkat:( 8.40 crore)

He is one of the most surprising picks ever in the IPL. He got a jackpot of 8.40 crore which makes him one of the costliest tag bowlers in the history of IPL. Everyone might be surprised to pick him in the IPl, but there is a reason. He is the fast bowler with several variations in his kitty. He can also play all the games with bowling all the four overs with the decent economy in almost every game he plays. That is why Rajasthan Royals team management considered him as a worthy pick for their squad.


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