5 Bigger Brands who have invested heavily in Esports. Let’s have a look

Esports in India have earned an immense fan following due to several reasons which include- market size, scalability, viewership, player pool & content creation. 

Here in this article, we will reveal the list of 5 Bigger Brands that have invested heavily in Esports but before that, we need to understand that bigger brands only invest in those entities where they witness the humungous return on Investment. 

Esports being the largest growing Sporting ecosystem in India have already seen bigger brands collaborating with them at the nascent stage.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal invested $155 million dollars in NRG esports after witnessing 30,000 Kids involved in League of Legends

Let’s have a look at the list of 5 Bigger Brands who have invested heavily in Esports in detail: 

5. Sony LIV: SonyLIV, owned by Sony Pictures Network showcased their OTT platform which will support more than 100 show-based games, multiplayer video game contest. 

4. Mercedes BENZ: Mercedes BENZ is the official sponsor of India’s ESL Gaming esports circuit and these two brands together are focussing to attract more Esports viewers in India and abroad. 

3. MTV: India’s first esports league, UCypher was broadcasted on MTV for the first time in 2017. It was one hour episode where all the exciting adventures happened in reference to Esports. 

MTV India has also partnered with Nodwin Gaming to air show called Esports Mania, which is a weekly television based programme based on the Indian Esports scenario. 

2. Riot Games:  Riot Games has launched different VALORANT servers in India as the company marks the beginning of first significant division in the region. 

1. NODWIN Gaming & Airtel: Nodwin Gaming and Airtel announced their partnership to grow Esports scenario in India. The association has been successful with the launch of Airtel India Esports tour in which all NODWIN tournaments across different gaming disciplines which include- Clash of Clans, FIFA & PUBG Mobile has been conducted successfully. 

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