Watch: MS Dhoni’s Reaction after Kolkata gave him a wonderful farewell

Watch: MS Dhoni's Reaction after Kolkata gave him a wonderful farewell

Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders squared off in the 33rd IPL 2023 game on Sunday at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. CSK beat KKR in this game by a score of 49 runs. To see this game, thousands of spectators arrived at the stadium.

However, at this time, everyone was taken aback when they noticed that at Kolkata’s home field, more fans were wearing yellow jerseys than purple. It appeared as though there was a flood of golden colour throughout Eden Gardens during this game. One player, MS Dhoni, was the only one everyone on the ground wanted to watch. The name Dhoni! The name of resounded across the entirety of Kolkata.

In this game, Chennai Super Kings scored 235 runs in 20 overs. CSK had excellent batting in this game. But the crowd urged Dhoni to take the pitch and start batting. To catch a sight of Dhoni, fans swarm to his home! Dhoni! began shouting catchphrases.

This season, Dhoni often bats at either number 7 or 8. However, Dhoni was compelled to enter the pitch by the supporters’ devotion. In this game, Dhoni batted at position six. The adoration Dhoni got at Eden Gardens demonstrated that his supporters hold him in high regard.

After observing the throng of supporters on the pitch, even MS Dhoni was unable to restrain himself. After the game, he expressed his appreciation to the crowd by saying, “I can only say thank you for the support, the fans came here in large numbers.” The majority of these individuals plan to return wearing KKR jerseys. Thank you very much to everyone for coming; they’re attempting to bid me farewell.