Watch: Ayushman Khurrana’s Hilarious reaction After Shubhman Gill posted a video on Instagram

Watch: Ayushman Khurrana's Hilarious reaction After Shubhman Gill posted a video on Instagram

It’s nothing unusual for cricketers to try their hand at acting. Although several cricketers have appeared in films, the majority of players generally wind up appearing in advertising. IPL offers many players the chance to act, but Gujarat Titans’ top batter Shubman Gill has now formally requested a part. Shubman Gill has said that if there is a post available, please let him know since he is prepared for it.

Actually, Shubman Gill posted a video on his Instagram account in which he is seen dressed in a suit. Along with sporting a moustache, he wears spectacles. “Sir bata dijiega koi roll chahiye ho toh,” says Shubman Gill at the start of the video. When I roll out the dice, I’m ready. Yes, dekho moochhe be laga di. Yes, it’s alright.


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Shubman Gill posted this video with the message, “Tell me if you get a role.” On this Shubman Gill video, Yuvraj Singh and Rashid Khan exchanged laughing emoticons. Ayushmann Khurrana, a Bollywood actor, also commented on the young batter’s tweet, asking in a funny way “Kyu pet par laat maar rahe ho humare bhaiyaji”.

Shubman Gill is getting dressed in the makeup area after asking to play the batter because this video was taken during the filming of an advertisement. Additionally, Shubman Gill Jahan is portrayed in this video as a PA. The Indian cricket team’s captain, Rohit Sharma, is regarded as a leader at the same time. This advertising also features Shreyas Iyer, who is dressed as a driver.