Vinesh Phogat Personal Info, Career Achievements, Facts & Net worth

Vinesh Phogat Personal Information, Career Achievements, Facts & Net worth

Vinesh Phogat Introduction

Vinesh Phogat:- It is a known fact that Phogat is one of the popular names in the world of wrestling for a long time now. Vinesh Phogat is an upcoming wrestler, who has a decent amount of experience in world wrestling. Vinesh hails from the same family of Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat. Vinesh Phogat is the cousin of Phogat sisters, who was trained under Mahavir Singh Phogat.

Vinesh Phogat participated in more than a couple of international games and secured Gold, Silver and Bronze medals over a period of time. The freestyle wrestler participates in the 48KG category of wrestling and won 3 gold medals so far. The latest achievement of her winning the gold medal in Gold Coast commonwealth games, Australia has given a lot of hype to both the country and herself in finding success effectively.

Vinesh Phogat Personal Life

Vinesh Gained interest alongside her cousins and developed the skill of fighting from an early age. Her successful background has given an added advantage in terms of game and knowledge naturally. The Daughter of Mahavir Phogat’s brother has crossed a lot of milestones in the early age to prove her abilities.

Vinesh Phogat life

In the year 2018, Vinesh married her longtime boyfriend and fellow wrestler Somvir Rather. Somvir is a two-time gold medallist in national championships and hails from the same state of Haryana. The couple is known to each other for a long time and were working together in Indian Railways.

Vinesh Phogat Wrestling Career

Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games are one of the important tournaments for athletes because of various reasons. Vinesh Phogat has managed to win 2 gold medals in the tournament by making her country proud in the world arena. The player took part in the 48KG category in the year 2014 and Rosemary Nweke of Nigeria in the early stages. She faced Jasmine Mian of Canada in Semi-finals and defeated her with utter dominance. The finals were staged between Vinesh and Yana Rattigan of England and managed to defeat her to secure Gold in the tournament.

The tournament in 2018 was organised in The Gold Coast, Australia and was a crucial tournament for Vinesh to prove herself again. It is evident that every player takes their time to prepare well before starting the game because it helps them to stay fit and face the opponent in an easy way. Vinesh Phogat wins the 50KG category wrestling gold by beating the opponent in the finals, which was her second milestone in Commonwealth games.

Asian Games

2014 Asian Games were held in South Korea and was a tough competition to participate because of the competition. The freestyle wrestler had competition all through the tournament and only hard work of the arena could help her win games consistently. The wrestler lost to Eri Tosaka of Japan in the semi-finals but qualified to take part again for the bronze race. Vinesh played for bronze in 2014 Asian games and beats Narangerel Eredenesukh of Mongolia to secured Bronze in the tournament.

Vinesh has a reputation and a record of winning the first women Gold in Asian Games. The 2018 Asian games were organised in Jakarta and required her to pull her socks up to win the tournament. She worked hard in terms of both techniques and strength, which helped her to achieve success in an easy way. Vinesh Phogat won gold after defeating Yuki Irie of Japan in 50KG Women’s Freestyle Wrestling category. This has given her a huge hype in terms of tasting success and creating an individual record for the country.

Asian Championships

Asian Championships didn’t do well in terms of getting gold for the player so far. She has participated in over 5 Asian Championships and has managed to secure 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. The fabulous achievement of securing a medal in all the 5 tournaments is impressive but never managed to win all the matches. It is evident that every wrestler loses the matches with a simple mistake and Vinesh is overcoming her mistakes to achieve gold in the next respective tournament.

Vinesh Phogat

So far, Vinesh has achieved 3 silver medals in 2015 Doha, 2017 Delhi and 2018 Bishkek Asian Championships. The two bronze medals were awarded in 2013 New Delhi and 2016 Bangkok respectively.

Career Achievements

Gold Medals

Vinesh Phogat gold medal

Gold Medals is the best certificate found for every athlete across the world. Vinesh Phogat has a series of Gold medals won in different tournaments. She turns out to be the first ever women wrestler, who managed to win the gold in Asian Games. As Vinesh Phogat is trained by the great wrestling coach, Mahavir Singh Phogat, it is easier for her to gain knowledge over the game and achieve milestones from time to time. Vinesh has won 2 Commonwealth games gold and one Asian Games gold in freestyle 48 KG category of wrestling.

Silver Medals

Vinesh has won 4 silver medals in different tournaments across the world. There are three silver medals to her name in Asian Championships and one silver in Youth Wrestling Championship. Asian Championships have been good tournaments for Vinesh, where she has secured a medal consistently. The overall number of medals are higher in Asian Championships despite having no Gold medal to her name.

Bronze Medals

Bronze medals may not sound as great as silver and gold, but has a huge amount of importance for every athlete. It requires a great potential for people to win over a list of participants to reach the top three. It is evident that every athlete goes through the stage of winning bronze medals both in early and final stages of his or her career. Vinesh has totally secured 3 bronze medals in both Asian games and Asian championships respectively. Vinesh started her journey with a bronze medal but has achieved a lot of milestones in various tournaments.


  • Vineesh was brought up Mahavir Singh Phogat, who is Geeta and Babita Phogat’s father.
  • Vinesh PHogat’s father, Rajpal Singh PHogat, who is the brother of Mahavir Singh Phogat.
  • The wrestler lost her father at an early age when he was killed in a land dispute
  • Vinesh is the first women wrestler to win gold in Asian Games

Net Worth

The net worth of Vinesh Phogat is calculated approximately to 25 lakhs

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