Vidit Gujrati all set to take part in the upcoming Chess Tour Event starting from November 22nd 2020

Indian Chess Player Vidit Gujrati is all set to take part in the opening event of the Chess Tour which starts from November 22nd 2020.  His participation was confirmed online via website however full list of players is yet to be released.

The Champion Chess Tour event is an initiative started by Play Magnus Group where world’s top chess players compete against each other over ten tournaments for a total prize fund of USD 1.5 million. The first season of the tournament was named after Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen which was called as Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour.

It was first online chess tour in which 25 top players of the world participated. The upcoming chess event will be conducted online between November 2020 to September 2021. Vidit is elated with his participation in the upcoming chess tour as it will uplift the sport of chess to a great extent. He said “Chess Champions Tour is one of the most professional and prestigious tournaments across the globe. The first edition proved to be a grand success garnering more than 17mn views across various platforms. I am excited to be a part of this tournament, playing with the best in the business. This is a great initiative by Play Magnus Group in uplifting the sport of chess and I am happy to be representing the Indian chess community at the International level.”

Taking about Vidit’s achievements in the game of chess where he successfully led Indian team to clinch Gold medal at FIDE Online Chess Olympiad. He made the country proud at numerous occasions after winning championships and tournaments at Tata Steel, Beil Grandmaster’s event, Prague Masters etc. With his individual brilliance he became the fourth Indian ever to cross 2700 ELO rating in 2017.  He is currently ranked 3rd in India and 24 in the world.

The 10 tournaments in the upcoming edition will have three Majors, six Regulars and a Final. Indian Chess has grown from strength to strength over the years with more Indian players performing well in the game of chess in World Diaspora to a great extent effectively and efficiently.