Why Russian Players are so strong in Chess?


Russia is a country which is known for producing good Chess players and their government does a lot of investment to promote the sport in the country.

To know the craze about the game of Chess in Russia it can be clearly estimated by the fact that in the 60s they had 4 million active players none of the Western Chess Federation had even active 1 Lakh active players.

Facts about Chess

USSR had a lot of Institutional support as a lot of state entities in the country have sponsored Chess tournaments. The talent scouting in Russia in reference to Chess develops a structure to find promising youth and then the fast track system is developed around that player to receive coaching and funding to improve their Chess strength.

Also, these players receive an adequate amount of funding to focus on Chess rather than worrying about finding jobs to support themselves.

The other best thing in Russia is at the School level Chess talents are identified very early and chess coaches are employed to train them along with chess schools are build especially and it is sponsored by different states.

In the Winter season, an Infinite number of Chess tournaments are conducted and they earn huge incentives to stay indoors and play Chess. Russia has always had a strong chess culture, and Mikhail Tchigorin is still considered the “Father” of Russian Chess.

Also, the other opinion, which is mentioned in different media outlets stated that there is extreme cold in Russia so people can’t go out to play outdoor games and choose Chess as Indoor games so the game has become part of their culture over so many years now.

The other interesting thing about the study related to the game of Chess being so popular in Russia as the game embodied their revolutionary ideals as it is a game of skill and USSR pride itself on its intellectual talents as the game equipment are cheap and most people can easily play the game.

The passion of Chess can be very well sum up with the fact that most of the rules of Chess have been developed by Russia in the 18th Century.