Valorant wins Esports Game of the year awards 2022 in detail


“This year we set ambitious goals to make the 2022 Esports Awards a true milestone event with a new location, new awards, and extended events offering. As the ceremony reaches its conclusion, I can safely say that we have turned our dreams into reality. It’s great to see so many people gather to celebrate what has been a truly incredible year. I wanted to say a massive congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone that has played a part in this year’s Esports Awards. See you next year!” said Michael Ashford, CEO, of Esports Awards

 Valorant has been a shining pillar in competitive gaming, and Riot Games has been duly recognized for its achievements with the title at the Esports Awards 2022. The shooter has been named Esports Game of the Year at the event, which is great news for all the stakeholders, including the millions of players who have made the game what it is.

The other nominees for the award include League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, Dota 2, Free Fire, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and Fortnite.

When Riot Games launched Valorant for the first time, many wondered how the game would fare. After all, the publisher’s other title, League of Legends, has been a huge success story in the esports scene. All the company’s efforts have now been rewarded four years after the shooter’s release.


Before being named Esports Game of the Year at the Esports Awards 2022, Valorant had been nominated twice.

Not every new game can turn out as planned, especially in the world of competitive gaming. However, Valorant has everything needed for a great esports title. It is free to play, has a competitive nature, and doesn’t come with transactions that make it pay-to-win.

Aside from excellent planning, Riot Games’ flawless execution of the shooter is another key reason behind its win at the Esports Awards 2022. The title has seamlessly moved from one level to the next, which has turned it into the game it is today.

Riot Games has routinely introduced new game modes to ensure that the gameplay stays vibrant and meets every player’s needs.

Despite microtransactions being present in Valorant, there’s no direct way to get a clear advantage with money. Almost all of them are related to cosmetics that allow players to personalize their game.

It remains to be seen what’s next for Valorant after their win at the Esports Awards 2022. The future seems bright, with VCT growing bigger every year and more organizations joining the fray. As for its potential, the sky’s the limit if Riot Games’ success with League of Legends is anything to go by.