Valorant will add New Feature to Combat Smurfs

The competitive shooter by Riot Games, Valorant, has recently received the 5.01 update with a number of new modifications. The new Valorant update also adds Pearl to the competitive queues along with Agent upgrades such as Yoru, Phoenix, and KAY/O bonuses.

The new “Smurf” detecting method that Valorant 5.01 introduced to the game, however, has managed to catch the attention of the interested eyes of many Valorant enthusiasts out there.


By matching new players and accounts with existing players of comparable skill levels much more quickly than previously, the newly added Smurf detection technology will attempt to address the current smurfing issue in Valorant.

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“We’re testing this change in North America first, to make sure everything is working correctly before a global rollout.,” the devs said in a statement.

In reality, on July 11th, testing of these new features began in the North American servers.

The global implementation of this modification will be eagerly anticipated by devoted fans all across the world since it has the ability to address a significant issue in the community that has plagued both new and unskilled players. Visit the official patch notes website to learn more about the new Smurf detection functionality, Agent adjustments, bug patches, and other changes that patch 5.01 has made to the game.

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