Valorant India Invitational Tournament Semi Final 1: Team Heretics becomes the 1st Finalist of the marquee event

We are gearing up for the 1st semifinal round between Bleed Esports and Team Heretics where these two have won majority of their matches and lost one game against God Squad and Team Secret respectively.

Let’s talk about the sequence of events how it unfolded between these two in the below format:

Round 1 between Team Heretics and Bleed Sports: Mixwell won the first game for Team Heretics, who had a strong lineup and some elite players like Zeek, Boo, and Mixwell.

Heretics showed off their abilities right away and scored two points consecutively, whereas bleed swiftly corrected their error in the third round of Round 1 and scored one point.

Heretics scored one more in the crunch phase of the game and opponent Bleed also scored one point with a scoreline reaching close to 2-3.

Bleed Esports quicly learned from their mistakes and applied their strategies pretty well and ensured that their stand at par with Heretics.

Both teams’ attacking and defensive skills have made the fight competitive between them, and Bleed Esports is in the lead with a score of 4-4 before the technical timeout.

Following the technical timeout, Heretics recovered quickly with a rapid 2 points, reaching 6 points in response to Team Bleed’s 5 points.

The match between these two enormous squads included some breath-taking moments as these two sides faced off against one another.

Juicy’s spectacular contribution and Crazyguy’s assistance allowed Bleed eSports to score 11 points in response to Heretics’ 9 points, displaying their unmatched attacking prowess.

With every game it was evident there was no favorites but ultimately the scoreline read 12-12 each. It is all down to one last round to decide the winner of 1st round at the end Heretics held their nerve and went in favor of Heretics with 13 points in response to 12 points scored by Bleed Esports.

Team Heretics showcased their skills at the last moment to score 15 points in response to 13 points scored by Bleed Esports.

Round 2 between Bleed Esports vs Team Heretics: Team Heretics after winning first round and bagged one point and started with confidence and quickly gained one points.

Heretics didn’t lead Bleed to settle in the game and quickly scored back to back points with a scoreline read 3 points in response to 2 points scored by Bleed.

Extraordinary skills from top players like Mixwell, Keloqz was displayed by team heretics which gave them subsequent edge over Team Bleed with a scoreline read 4-3.

It is extremely difficult for pick ideal winner between Team Heretics and Bleed Esports as the scoreline suggested minuted difference between these two sides.

Gradually Heretics developed subsequent lead in the mid of 2nd round with the brilliance from Zeek and scored quick points which took their score to 9 points in response to 5 points scored by 5 points.

Heretics took eventual lead to 10 points in comparison to 6 points scored by bleed.

Bleed tried to get momentum in the last moments of the game and scored another point which led their scoring to 7 points.

Heretics won another points in the middle due to some class tactics and took their scoreline to 12 points.  In the end Bleed tried hard but Heretics emerged as the winner and won 2 rounds out of 3 in the semifinal event and becomes 1st finalist of Valorant India Invitational Tournament.