Valorant India Invitational Semi-Final 2 Paper Rex book their spots in the Final

Valorant India Invitational

After the first Semi-final ended it was time for the second semi-final to begin with tournament favorites Paper Rex taking on Team Secret. European giants Team Heretics won the first Semi-final and they will have eyes on this match to find out who they will face tomorrow at the Final.

Pearl, Icebox and Fracture are the three maps that have been chosen to play and this one is going to be a banger of a match as both the teams have played really well. Team Secret will play in Pearl for the first time and during their group stage meeting with Paper Rex, they were able to come out on top.

Paper Rex started the attack and opened the scoring early on to take the lead. They were labelled as favorites for a reason and they have doubled their lead in the second round. Secret found the first round win in the third round to make it 2:1. Team Secret equalized in the fourth round and made it 2:2 defensively.

Forsaken from is looking very sharp but he needs the support of other team mates in order to get a win. Secret took advantage and now it is 3:2. Secret are continuously pushing Paper Rex in the back foot and have the advantage by 4:2. After taking a tactical break, Paper Rex did find a way out to make it 4:3 and equalized it by 4:4 in the following round.

Forsaken is proving to be very influential in this match and through his efficiency Paper Rex are now 5:4.  Fans are really loving the game and backing Paper Rex. A thrifty defense by Team Secret sees them cut the gap by a point and they stand on 5:6. However, Paper Rex won Round 12 and made it 5:7.

After the halftime, Paper Rex continued using their attacking approach nad by the 15th round they were up by 9:5. Jremy needs to remain consistent and he is the only one who can stop Forsaken, who is breathing fire lately. The following round saw Team scret get to 6 points but Paper Rex have already reached double figures.

Rex are only 3 round wins away from securing a win in Round 1. Amazing performance by Forsaken in particular, he has been really sharp and used the tactics very well and Paper Rex are now 11 whereas Team Secret are stuck on 6. However, after the mayhem by Paper Rex, Team Secret won the next round and made it 7:11.

Paper Rex are now just a point away from winning this round and Secret are in deep trouble but the latter got really lucky and made it 8:12. What a clutch gameplay by Secret they took the win away from Paper rex in round 21 and Secret are now on 9 points. Game set and match for Paper Rex and they have the lead in round 1.

Once round 1 ended the second round began in the same manner as the last one. Paper Rex were hoping to win this game too while team Secret had redemption on their minds. However, Team Secret came out on top in the last match with the score line looking quite similar to the first one.

JC Vash was the MVP of the second round as he had a combat score of 311, had 25 kills and suffered 9 deaths. All to play for in the next round and the final score line of round 2 of Semi-final 2 was 13-8.

Third and deciding round of the second semi-final saw Paper Rex open the scoring through a brilliant run of play and doubled their lead in the following round. The Third round saw Team Secret perform a flawless defense and made it 2-1. In the next round Team secret came back on level terms to make it 2:2.

Both the teams were almost going toe-to-toe but Paper Rex’s dominating game play saw them win the 13 rounds without much difficulty. Meanwhile, Team Secret had nothing much to do but suffer as they remained stuck on just 6 points.

Forsaken became the MVP of round 3 Semi-final for his emphatic performance as he had a combat score of 296, killed 21 deaths, died 11 times and had 8 First kills.