Why Faker continues to be esports “Michael Jordan” and GOAT of this popular ecosystem in detail?

Ten years ago, players who considered a career in esports weren’t deemed to be making the greatest choice, but things have evolved significantly since then.

Every sport has participants, and some of those participants go on to become legends due to their exemplary play and skill demonstration. In this essay, we will discuss Faker (An absolute legend of Esports).

Let’s go through each reason why he continues to rule this field and is frequently referred to as the “Michael Jordan” of this quickly expanding ecosystem, step by step, as follows:

1. Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker) was at his dominant best when he was 17 years old and was expected to become a superstar of this game. At 26, he has already achieved legend status and is still at his best, demonstrating that even at a time when most players are considering calling it quits, he keeps playing and putting forth his best efforts.

2. When recently asked about his age and when he intended to retire, he replied, “I still have the same knack of winning games on a constant basis and feel excited every time I large play event,” which amply demonstrates the continued passion he has for this game.

3. Faker’s finest quality, versatility, and penchant for making every game better are what have most significantly led to his success.

4. In the same way that the name Michael Jordan is associated with basketball in less well-known nations, Faker is associated with the League of Legends game.

5. Last but not least, have a look at Faker’s performances at the global championships in various years beginning in 2013 till date he has won the title on the majority of occasions.

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