Top 5 most Thrilling World Cups in Football


Thrilling World cups in Football: World cup football is one of the most loved Sporting events across the globe and there’s hardly any person on the planet, which stay away from the game during this Mega event of Football.


While every world cup is deemed as special in its own terms, there are few which will always be remembered in the Football Fraternity for producing some of the greatest Performances, Upsets and random Football memories during the course of the game. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Most thrilling World cups, this game has ever witnessed.

World Cup 2002

2002 World Cup

Host: South Korea and Japan

The Tournament of Upsets

Although this world cup would be remembered mostly for the Brilliance of Brazil and Ronaldo on their way to winning the Coveted Title by beating Germany 2-0 in the finals, it also witnessed some of the greatest upsets the game has ever seen on a football pitch. One of the Football powers France lost to Senegal in the first match itself and bowed out of the tournament being the last team in the group without scoring a single goal.

The other surprise came from the Host South Korea, who not only defeat Mighty Italians in the Second Round but put down Spain as well on their way to secure a World cup semi-final spot. On the other hand, USA beat Portugal and ends their hopes of making it further in the knock out rounds while it was Turkey who made it to the Semifinals for the first time ever.

Ronaldinho’s “ Superkick”

Although Brazil has outclassed almost every team in the tournament on their way to World cup Title, It was Ronaldinho’s 42-yard kick in the Quarterfinals which made everyone left Awestruck during the Mega Event. It was a brilliant free-kick which swirled down to the top corner of the goal and ensured an easy victory for Brazil eventually.

World Cup 1966

World Cup 1966

Host: England

The Resurgence of English Football

World cup 1966 saw some of the most exciting games to be played during a World cup football event and it was the Host England, who took the Trophy home even while starting with a draw in their first match itself. No-one actually counted England team to be a winner at the first place, but their brilliant run under the leadership of Alf Ramsay proved everyone wrong by conceding just one goal before their Final game. Moreover, It was Geoff Hurst who scored a Hat Trick in the Finals to make his team win the title.

North Korea’s surprising act

No-one might have actually predicted that a team like North Korea would ever be able to beat a team like Italy within the first round. North Korea didn’t just beat them 1-0 but also became the first team outside Europe and the Americas to reach the next round of the World cup football event.

Controversies and Memorable performances

This world cup would also be remembered for the controversial third goal in the final by the England team. Although the linesman gave it as “In”, many experts had their justifications against the decision and called it “Biased”. On the other hand, it was the memorable performance by the Portuguese magician Eusebio which made his team beat North Korea 5-3 even after being 3-0 down in the start.

The Curious case of “Theft of Jules Rimet Trophy”

Not many people are aware of this fact but the Coveted World cup trophy was stolen from an Exhibition and was later been discovered while wrapped in paper and lying in the bushes somewhere in London. It was been located by a dog named Pickles and made him a World cup hero even before the event got klick started.

World Cup 1986

World Cup 1986

 Host: Mexico

Class of Maradona and Argentina

Although many people would remember this world cup for the controversial “Hand of God” goal by Maradona against England, the event saw the rise of Maradona and Argentina on the World’s Football Horizon. It was Maradona, especially who took his team through to the Title while displaying some fo the best football skills and breathtaking performances during the event.

Legend Killers Morocco

Morocco came as the biggest Surprise of this world cup as they toppled some of the biggest names within their group like England, Poland and Portugal. Although they lost to West Germany team in the next round but won millions of hearts with their magnificent game in the process.

The Inception of “Mexican Wave”

It was, for the very first time that “Mexican wave” came into picture during a sporting event and ended that Boring run of the spectators while sitting quietly in the stands during the matches.

World Cup 1990

World Cup 1990

 Host: Italy

Rise of Cameroon and African football

No one would have ever expected that the Defending champion Argentina would go down to a minnow-like Cameroon in their first match of the world cup. Not only Cameroon defeated them 1-0 but went on to reach the quarter-final stages before bowing out after a loss to England. The Tournament saw some brilliant display from the African teams and the brilliance of Cameroon certainly stamped that statement.

Best world cup in the eyes of Global fans

It was not only the List of Great Football performances which made this world cup a great memory in the minds of fans around, but the event has also been denoted as the best one in terms of its Mascot, theme music and on-screen graphics.

World Cup 1970

World Cup 1970

Host : Mexico

The Brazilian Dominance

This tournament would always be remembered for the brilliance of Brazil as a team which hunted the rest of the teams in the event like a pack of wolves. The Likes of Pele, Alberto, Gerson, Jairzinho, Rivelino and Tostao made this team almost “ Immortal” during the event and they went on to win every single match including the six-game in the finals.

The epic clash between England and West Germany

Apart from the Brazilian domination, this world cup would largely be remembered for one of the best comebacks ever made in a Football match in World cup. England teams were cruising to an easy victory against the West Germany team after leading 2-0 in the quarter-finals. It was then when England substituted some fo their biog players like Sir Bobby Charlton and Martin peters to make them have rest for the semis, when West Germany came from nowhere to clinch the victory 3-2.

Tournament with the Highest Per game Goal ratio

This World cup saw the highest per-game goal ratio amongst the rests and also the first Football Tournament to be broadcasted in Colors.

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