Top 5 Greatest Knocks in Ashes History

Top 5 Greatest Knocks in Ashes History

Greatest Knocks in Ashes History: Ashes is unarguably the oldest and greatest cricket rivalry of all time, a new chapter will be debunked on August 1, 2019 as the hosts will combat England at their home den.

Talking about rivalry, we have heard different folklores related to the epic clashes on field, some brilliant performances that completely overshadowed the result of the match, or any knock that turbo boosted the energy level of the entire team. 

This is the major reason why Ashes never lost its charm, and it is not just a series, it is an emotion. Let’s take a look at the top 5 greatest knocks in the history of Ashes:-

#1 Ricky Ponting 156 runs vs. England at Old Trafford in 2005 Ricky Ponting 156 runs vs. England at Old Trafford in 2005 

Before the 2005 Ashes series, Ricky Ponting already had already won 2003 World Cup, and all the major series occurring between 2004-2005, but Ashes was a real test of character for Ponting and he didn’t disappoint. Although the results weren’t in his favor, but every time he led from the front, and gave tough fight till the last ball.

But it was his 156 runs against England at Old Trafford in 2005 that marked him as batsmen with nerves of steel. He batted throughout against the likes of Flintoff, Harminson and Matthew Hoggard, who were in their prime.

#2 Kevin Peterson 158 runs vs. Australia at the Oval, 2005 
This was the series that announced the arrival of Kevin Petersen in test cricket. The top pedigree batsman scored a majestic 158 that saved the Oval test, helping England clinch Ashes after 16 years.

He hung-in the entire day facing magical spells of Shane Warne and heart pounding deliveries of Bret Lee. It was an innings of brutal aggression as he didn’t hesitate in hooking bouncers of Lee out of the park.

It was his innings that helped England reach 335, and since then, England were assured that the Ashes will remain with them.

#3 Steve Waugh 108 and 116 vs. England at Old Trafford, 1997 Steve Waugh 108 and 116 vs. England at Old Trafford, 1997 

Steve Waugh was one of the most wicked and stubborn batsmen of all time. During the 3rd test match at Manchester, Australia was plundered to 160/7, but Steve Waugh made a cool calm composed century, grinding the English attack with sheer grit and determination.

He faced a thumb injury in the first innings, but even after nursing it, he made 116 runs in the second innings, giving England a target of 469 and later, England was shrunk to 200 in the second innings leveling 1-1.

#4 Alastair Cook 235 against Australia at Gabba in 2010
Alastair Cook is undoubtedly the greatest English batsmen of all time with most test runs and centuries to his name. His marathon innings of 235 against Australia in 2010 at Gabba comprised of silicon cover drives, flicks and cuts.

He batted for more than 10 hours during the play, giving England a solid start they always plunge for. During the 2010 series, he scored 766 runs at an unbelievable average of 127 in the series.

#5 Mark Taylor 219 vs. England at Trent Bridge in 1989 Mark Taylor 219 vs. England at Trent Bridge in 1989 
By 1989, Australia was going through the transformation phase after the retirement of their stalwarts, but one youngster, who later became one of the greatest Aussie captains, changed the scenario of the match through his double hundred. He was none other than Mark Taylor.

His first wicket partnership of 329 runs was a synonym of dedication and perseverance, and once the butterflies in his stomach settled, he converted his start into double hundred giving a new Superstar they were looking for.

During the series, he scored 839 runs, which was the highest by any Australian in 1989.

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