Fans Want Former India Captain to Miss East Bengal Ceremony

Kapil Dev

India Captain to Miss East Bengal CeremonyEast Bengal will be celebrating its centenary next year. As part of the celebration, the club management has lined up several events. 

One such event includes awarding former Indian cricket team captain and 1983 World Cup winner Kapil Dev with East Bengal’s highest honour, Bharat Gaurav. East Bengal signed Kapil Dev on 22 June 1992. In an exhibition match against Mohun Bagan, he came on as substitute to play for 27 minutes.

One year ago, Quess Corporation became a majority stake holder in the club. However the company chairman and managing director Ajit Abraham Isaac has recently revealed that the company is looking to part ways with East Bengal. The split is likely to take place in next nine months.

Responding to these reports Ajit said, We (have) already started talking to our other relevant stakeholders to monetise this asset (investment in East Bengal). We have also been talking to a few possible investors. We are confident that by the end of this season, we will most probably not be there in that club.

This comes as a huge disappointment to the East Bengal fans. Quess was brought in to make the necessary investment required to play in Indian Super League (ISL). However much to everyone’s disappointment, this didn’t happen and to make things worse, All India Football Federation (AIFF) has charged the club with 30 lakh fine for boycotting Super Cup. The club is suffering from financial problems.

All this has left the East Bengal fans bewildered. Out of this anger they have started a campaign on Twitter with #KapilDevBoycottEB asking Kapil Dev to Boycott the celebration of club’s hundred years. The hashtag is now trending on Twitter.

 AIFF’s treatment of I-League clubs have often left fans frustrated and angry. In a recent AIFF meeting held at New Delhi, it was decided that from now on ISL winner would get AFC Champions League spot while I-League winner will have to settle for AFC Cup spot.

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