Top 5 esports Players in India: How much they earn, games played, social handles, streaming platforms and more

Esports have had a meteoric rise in popularity and profitability over the past few years in India and throughout the world. One of the major 21st-century phenomenon is the expansion of this ecosystem, which is expanding the fastest.

In order for this industry to continue to be relevant in the future, businesses have decided to invest in India’s fast expanding sector. Many Esports athletes are becoming well-known and making money off of this environment. Let’s go over each player on the list of five one by one in detail:

1. ClutchGod: ClutchGod is ranked first on our list due to his ability to earn close to USD 77,199 (about Rs 62.89 Lakhs) from all the events he presently competes in for Godlike Esports alongside other outstanding players like Jonathan, ZGod, and Neyo.

In several international competitions, he has effectively served as the IGL (In Game Leader) for his team.

ClutchGod Instagram Profile:

2. Jonathan: Jonathan ranks second on our list, earning about USD 77,114 (around Rs. 62.82 lakhs) from 38 tournaments total. He belongs to the group of Indian Esports personalities who won the PMCO Fall 2019-South Asia Championship’s top cash prize of USD 12,000.00.

In the Indian esports scene, he is known as the “GOAT BGMI” pro player and presently competes with Godlike esports.

Jonathan Jude Amaral is his full name, and he is a well-known assaulter in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Jonathan Instagram Profile:

3. Neyoo: Neyoo, who is known for putting on amazing performances, ranks third on our list with earnings of close to USD 71,576.14 (about Rs. 58.32 lakhs) from 31 competitive tournaments.

He earned the most money from the PMCO Fall 2019 – South Asia Championship, almost 10 lakhs.

Another outstanding player from Godlike Esports and frequently hailed as one of the top “BGMI” Pro gamers is Suraj Majumdar, better known by his online alias Neyoo.

Prior to this, he went on an adventure with ORB, Entity Gaming, and TSM-Entity.

Neyoo Instagram Profile:

4. Viper: Viper is fourth on our list after earning close to USD 56,467.82 (about Rs. 46 lakhs) from 14 tournaments, with the biggest sum coming from BMPS Season 1 at $16,000.00 (roughly Rs. 13.03 lakhs).

The first teams to represent India in an international PUBG Mobile competition included BGMI professional player Viper. His full name is Yash Soni, and he wears many hats, including that of a broadcaster, game developer, and social media influencer.

He is one of the oldest members of the Soul Clan and is commonly referred to as “Soul Viper.”

.Viper Instagram Profile:

5. Mortal: Mortal comes 5th in our list, nearly earns  USD 55,463.57(Rs. 45.20 lakhs) from 13 competitive tournaments and the largest amount he made was USD 16,000.00 (~Rs. 13.03 lakhs) from BMPS season 1.

He is very popular Indian Youtuber, content creator, and most subscribed channels on Youtube. He is also considered as the pioneer of Indian esports industry.

Mortal Instagram Profile:

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