“This thing is required to change Indian Football” reveals Jamshedpur FC Coach Noel Wilson

Sunil Chhetri

ISL (Indian Super League), which is regarded as the top level tournament in the Indian football ecosystem, is the only game in which Indian football players are now involved.

The ISL playoff season will begin on March 3rd, 2023, and end on March 18th with the final game.

ISL will start using the promotion and relegation system as of the following season in order to give the best I-league teams a chance to compete in ISL.

In the event that this occurs, one of the issues affecting Indian football will vanish.

Top-tier foreign coaches’ overpromising abilities will never materialise until they adapt to the different traditions and cultures of India and convince the players of their own strength, allowing for the development of ideal leadership over the long term.

Indian Players don’t get exposure to play high profile events since the football season for national player is not for complete 12 months there should be an established environment where players may play the sport for 12 months.

India needs to hire top-tier coaches at the grassroots level in order to advance in international football, and a top-level Indian coach who can read the players and have open communication with them is also needed.

Compared to international coaches, Indian coaches can manage flawless man management with ease.

Indian Coach will be present in place of the departing foreign Coach.

To develop football in the valley, the Jammu & Kashmir stakeholders and the All India Football Federation have inked an MOU.

The valley already comprises teams like Real Kashmir Football Club(RKFC) which already enjoys massive fan following in Kashmir.