These Countries have the highest number of Beach Volleyball Fans.

The concept of playing volleyball on the beach was developed in the United States of America during the 19th century. It is the game played between two teams on sand mainly at beaches. The team comprises of two players, however, the modernized game comprises of six players.  It was played for entertainment during the hot summer days at the beaches of Miami. Due to the overwhelming response, the game got popular in other places of the USA. During 1920’s the game played in all parts of America.

The lots of clubs have been started and professionalism has been brought to the game and lots of young players started playing beach volleyball. This period is considered as the evaluation of the sport in America. Slowly beach volleyball started spreading to other countries and continents. During 1930’s the game started making enroots in the European region and got the global attention afterward. In the 1970’s the cigarette companies and beer, companies started promoting the game as this game is perfect for partying during summer days. The professional tournaments for inter club levels are conducted and it gained a lot of popularity among the people across the globe.

A Federation of international volleyball is the governing body of sports. The game has been inducted in Olympics from Atlanta Olympics 1996. The FIVB is also organizing world championships for beach volleyball every year. The first official championship was held in the year of 1997 in the United States before that the unofficial world championships were organized between 1986 -1997 but those are not recognized by the FIVB. Even though the game is popular all across the world the sport is most popular in North America and Europe regions. Here is the list of five countries where the game is most popular.



Brazilians are clearly dominating the beach volleyball arena. Brazil’s national men’s team won three gold medals and Olympics. They have also lifted 3 world championships and they emerged as winners in world league tour 9 times most by any other team. They are currently ranked no.1 in the world and proving that they are the vital cog in the world of beach volleyball. Women’s national team also won two Olympic gold medals in 2008 and 2012 Olympics respectively proving that beach volley is not for men in Brazil.

The sport is gaining more popularity as both the teams are doing well. Lots of professional clubs have been established these days and they are promoting the game everywhere. Since Brazil is surrounded by beaches the game also suited their culture. The game is now established as the primary sport in the country with the huge fan base.



As mentioned earlier the USA is the origin of beach volley and they continue to dominate the world by their breathtaking records. Both men and women teams won lots of championships and world league titles in the past. They have also bagged gold metals thrice each. During the 1980’s the game has slightly faded away but again regained its popularity since its inception in the Olympics. The sport continues to dominate in the USA with the huge fan following. Lots of inter-country tournaments like state level and club level tournaments draws huge crowds to the stadium, especially during summer days.



Germany is one of the countries where the sport having the huge fan following. The team is also doing well in the international circuit and it’s impacting a lot in the popularity of the sport in the country. Many people started playing beach volleyball there even many youngsters are taking beach volleyball is their profession. Due to its popularity, there is no dearth in sponsorships for the sportspersons. National team’s men and women bagged silver and bronze medals in the Olympics and continue to finish decent positions in the world championships and world league tournaments.



As the sport is doing well in beach European region, Italy is no exception to it. Here the beach volleyball is considered as a summer sport like in the USA many people are following as their men and women national team fared well in RIO Olympics.   As the sport is full of fun and entertainment the crowds got interested when they got the chance to see this game and addicted to it.

Now FIVB is taking efforts to popularize the game in Asian countries, especially in South Asian countries as the next Olympics is going to take part in Tokyo. No wonder if the game becomes the most popular sport across the globe in the future.

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