The Undertaker’s Most Epic Comebacks

The Undertaker

There are many superstars in the WWE, who produced everlasting memories in our childhood days and the Undertaker is one of them. Be it in a ring and in promotions the undertaker was the outstanding star over the years. Famously called as ‘The Phenom’ by the fans The Undertaker was also involved in various rivalries with fellow WWE stars that marked him the best in the world.  With his unique gimmick, he immediately became the star after his debut at survivor series in 1990. Then he went to become one of the unconquered legends in the history of WWE. He is also one of the most respected superstars inside the locker room.

Often involved in rumors over his retirement and most critics written off several times, but he continues to amaze everyone by his stunning return and his longevity made him the best in the world over three decades. Finally, he called his boots in 2016 and he is the man who took the pro wrestling to several heights and has been the part and parcel of WWE’s success over the years. He is 0often written off by his critics, but made a stunning return into the ring and that made him so special. Here is the list of his top  epic comebacks into WWE ring:

Summer Slam 1994

Undertaker in Summer Slam 1994

Undertaker’s longstanding absence occured in 1994 immediately suffered a defeat against Yokozuna at royal rumble. He was also absent for WrestleMania only twice he missed the grand event in his career.  The fake Undertaker has revolved around and none of his actions replicates the uniqueness of undertaker. Paul bearer promised that he will return in Summer Slam and the stage was set and the Undertaker versus the undertaker was the huge flop and it was one of the quite unnatural comebacks of the phenom but created lots of buzzes and there was the huge excitement during his return.

Raw – January 11, 1999

In 1998 the Undertaker was acting like a heel and has been involved in the feud with Steve Austin.  The rivalry reached its final as both headed against each other in the rock-bottom pay per view. During the match, Undertaker was defeated and buried alive(as per the storyline) by Steve Austin. It took a few weeks for the phenom to deal with minor injuries.  During 1999 Farooq and Bradshaw formed the tag team and the duo took the center stage by kidnapping the wrestlers and they are slowing emerged as the powerhouses in the WWE.  After a few weeks, the culprit was identified and it was none other than the Undertaker. He emphasized himself as the power of darkness and he made the raw the much-watch among the audience during that time.

Survivor Series 1996

One of the major losses of undertaker’s career came in SummerSlam 1996 when his longtime manager Paul bearer turned against him during the event and supported mankind.  The war continued over the years and during October the Undertaker was able to beat mankind titular match. This victory made him as the resounding star of altitude era.

Battleground 2015

One of the heartbreaking losses for phenom happened in WrestleMania 31 as Brock Lesnar went on to beat him in the main event. Which lowered the phenom’s great record as 21-1 at wrestle mania and ultimately He made his return into the ring at battleground pay per view where he eventually defeated Brock leaner. This was one of the most exciting matches in recent history.  And undertaker decided to hang his boots after defeating Bray Wyatt in 2016 WrestleMania. The “lord of darkness”, undertaker chokes lamed brock leaner and thunder bombed twice which are his specialized moves during his early stages. The match was the real treat to watch for the WWE fans across the globe.

Survivor Series 2005

Undertaker in Survivor Series 2005

Undertaker spent most of 2005 by feuding with rising star Randy Orton where he beat the viper at WrestleMania but eventually lost the Summer Slam.  During the no mercy encounter between these two, Kane stepped in and pulled undertaker into casket along with Randy Ordon but when he opened the casket was empty and the phenom was found missing. At survivor series, both raw and smack down fielded 5 members traditional survivor series match and Randy Orton won the match by becoming the lone survivor in the smack down team but his celebration was cut short as phenom entered the ring to destroy him but Orton managed to flee.

Smackdown 900

During November 15, WWE announced his return to the ring and that marked the beginning of a WrestleMania build for Undertaker. He made a return and threatened the fellow wrestlers that he is going to make big beyond WrestleMania. That is one of the best promos of undertaker over the years.

Monday Night RAW, January 30, 2012

Undertaker in Monday Night RAW

At WrestleMania 27 the Undertaker went on to beat Triple H and it is one of the most epic battles in the history of the WWE and it marked as one of the best matches in phenom’s career.  After the 10 months of his win, he was not seen on the television and fans started chanting about the Undertaker. He made a shocking appearance on January 30, 2012, raw and wanted a rematch against triple h and he again went on to win the former at another epic match at WrestleMania.

Undoubtedly the legend of the pro wrestling arena the undertaker had a different gimmick on his character and he carried it successfully over the years and that made him so special. He was officially retired from pro wrestling in 2017 and we must thank him for his everlasting memories with WWE fans.

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