The Top NFL Teams and Players to Watch in 2022


The 2021-22 NFL season is underway and we already have eyes on some of the most promising NFL teams and players to watch next year. At this stage, Malik Willis, Matt Corral, and Kenneth Walker III are some of the highlights of the NFL’s 2021-22 season.

The Quarterbacks to Watch

These promising players remind us of the sport’s legends such as one of the best NFL Quarterbacks, Brodie Croyle. Malik Willis has already shown his worth, becoming the best runner in the sport right now. In this season alone, he has achieved 784 rushing yards while his closest competitor is 666 yards. Willis has also achieved 49 broken tackles, way ahead of the next best at 12.

North Carolina is lucky enough to have Sam Howell, though his performance in the season hasn’t come near what we expected. Howell is sure to overcome this temporary lull, as there’s no denying his talent. His arm strength is still up to the mark and is arguably the best in the country.

The Best Running Backs to Keep an Eye On

We are witnessing a legend in the making in Kenneth Walker III. Out of 152 attempts, Walker has broken 63 tackles and has the 1000-yards milestone in 2021 well in range.

The most recent three seasons have seen Breece Hall doing miracles for Iowa State. He has already achieved 120 broken tackles in the previous two seasons. In 2021, Hall has 45 broken tackles on 134 attempts and he is surely one of the main NFL players to watch in 2022.

Best Wide Receivers to Watch

It seems as if Garrett Wilson has been custom-made for the Wide Receiver position. Even though Wilson may not be the fastest or the biggest player in NFL, his exceptional body control has managed to lift the hopes of Ohio State fans. In just six games in the current season, Wilson has earned six scores and 546 yards. And there’s plenty more to come in 2022!

The current draft class has seen another magnificent wide receiver playing for Ohio State. His return to his senior year caused a great deal of worry for his opponents, and Olave is arguably the best receiver the country has today. He has the amazing ability to change pace which sets him apart.

Best Tight End Players

260 pounds in a 6’ 4” frame helped Trey McBride to claim 50 catches in just six games so far this season. 597 yards and the ability to reliably tick all the boxes make McBride one of the most desired players in Colorado State.

Isaiah Likely from Coastal Carolina is a true NFL talent to watch in 2022. His four-touchdown, 232-yard, and eight-catch performance against Arkansas State has made his opponents think seriously about how to keep him in check for the rest of the season.

The Best Offensive Tacklers in 2022

Alabama’s chances of winning more games rely on Evan Neal’s massive 350-pound, 6’ 7” stature. The top-rated player has plenty to say about his performance.  Kenyon Green is not far behind Neal. This player is sensational and is sure to amaze us with his offensive tackles in 2022.

The Best NFL Teams to Watch in 2022

Lost Angeles Rams

Watch out for the Rams – this team is one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. We have already seen strong chemistry between Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford. If they keep going the same way, they are sure to climb to higher levels of success as the season proceeds.

Arizona Cardinals

Under Kyler Murray’s leadership, the Cardinals have shown exceptional offensive play in the NFL so far this season. At 432 yards per match, their net yard score is currently ranked third in the league. Murray is leading from the front with seven touchdowns and over 1000 passing yards this season, and their offense is hard to match. This team is a must-watch for 2022.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs were slow to start the season – their defeat to the Chargers at their home ground will be hard for fans to forget. This was due to issues with the Chiefs’ defenses as they let over 25 points go, making it their worst defense since 2008.

However, as long as Patrick Mahomes is leading the team, they are sure to bounce back strongly. Do not miss the counterpunch that we can expect soon as we head into 2022.

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic will be a thing of the past as we move into the new year. After long droughts of closed stadiums, thankfully grounds are open again and major events are underway. Accordingly, the NFL season is on track. We’ve already witnessed some tremendous performances and more magic is undoubtedly coming up in 2022.

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