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National Football league
NFL Football Teams Name & Origin

Formerly known as the American Professional Football Association, and started in the year 1920, the group soon adapted itself to the National Football League in the year 1922. It is now one of the richest sporting leagues in the world. Every year, the Super Bowl (the NFL championship game) is what excites football fans the most, with everyone looking forward to spending time together and watching the big game over some delicious food. 

There are a total of 32 NFL teams, which have been divided into various zones of the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). The AFC and NFC have four zones each―North, South, East, and West. Each zone has four teams, resulting in 16 teams under the AFC, and 16 under the NFC. As such, the total number of NFL teams is 32. Usually, you will always find a zone-wise distribution of these teams.  Here you can find all NFL Football Team name & origin.

AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West
New England Patriots Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers
Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys Minnesota Vikings Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks
New York jets Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts Oakland Raiders New York Giants Chicago Bears Tampa Bay Buccaneers Los Angeles Rams
Miami Dolphins Cincinnati Bengals Jacksonville Jaguars Los Angeles Chargers Washington Redskins Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Arizona Cardinals
# National Football League (NFL) Teams List

NFL is one of the four major proficient sports leagues in North America. The list of all NFL teams name is as follows:-

  • 1. Arizona Cardinals – The origin of this team was from St. Louis and was founded in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club. The team has earned two NFL Championships. The team also faced many losing seasons thereafter but it didn’t give up.2
  • 2. Atlanta Falcons – The team has gained 6 division championships. The Falcon’s current home field is Mercedes-Benz Stadium. They have appeared in two super bowls. The team combined the NFL as an expansion team in 1965 
  • 3. Baltimore Ravens –M&T Bank Stadium is the current home field for Baltimore Ravens. The team earned two super Bowl Victories and Two AFC Championship titles. This is the only team to hold the flawless record in multiple Super Bowls.
  • 4. Buffalo Bills – New Era Field in New York is the current home field of Bills. The team is based in Niagara Falls metropolitan area. The team has won the four consecutive conference championships.
  • 5. Carolina Panthers – The Panthers current home field is Bank of America Stadium, uptown Charlotte. The first two years of Panthers went well and they acquired NFC west but lost to the Super Bowl. The teams bags four NFC Championship Games and Super Bowl Championship twice.
  • 6. Chicago Bears –The team which started from Chicago in 1921 has headquarters in Chicago Suburb of Lake Forest. The team has earned 8 NFL Championship and 1 Super Bowl Championship. It is one of the oldest team of NFL teams that originally started in Chicago.
  • 7. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals began to play in 1968 and bags two Conference Championships and Division Championship nine times. The team has lost all Super Bowl Championship and is one of the twelve teams who have lost all Super Bowl Championship.
  • 8. Cleveland Browns –The Browns started playing the match in 1944. The team has won four NFL Championship and Conference Championship eleven times. Apart from this team has won Division Championship twelve times.
  • 9. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys started playing in 1960 from Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. The team has won Super Bowl Championship five times, Division Championship twenty-two times, and Conference Championship 10 times.
  • 10. Denver Broncos – The Broncos started in 1959 from Colorado. The team has collected Super Bowl Championship thrice, Conference Championship Eight times, and Division Championship fifteen times.
  • 11. Detroit Lions – The four-times winner of NFL Championships, Lions initiated in 1930 in Michigan. The team has obtained Division Championship and Conference Championship both four times.
  • 12. Green Bay Packers – The Green Bay Packers team is eleven times winner of NFL Championship and is originated in 1919 in Wisconsin. The team has also acquired Division Championship eighteen times and Conference Championship nine times.
  • 13. Houston Texans – The Houston Texans team began in 1999 in Texas. The team has attained only Division Championship four times.
  • 14. Indianapolis Colts – The team has won three NFL Championship and Super Bowl Championship twice. The Team bags seven times Conference Championship. The team began in 1953 in Indiana
  • 15. Jacksonville Jaguars – The only winner of Division Championship three times is Jacksonville Jaguars team that initiated in 1993 in Florida.
  • 16. Kansas City Chiefs – The ten times winner of Division Championship, the Kansas City Chiefs team arose in 1959 in Missouri. The team has earned Super Bowl Championship once in 1969.
  • 17. Los Angeles Chargers – In the year 1959, the Los Angeles Chargers team began in Greater Los Angeles. The team bags Division Championship fifteen times, once Conference Championship and once AFL Championship.
  • 18. Los Angeles Rams – The Los Angeles Rams team that won two times NFL Championship began in 1936. It is also the team which won once Super Bowl Championship.
  • 19. Miami Dolphins – The Miami Dolphins team which acquired twice the Super Bowl Championship, inaugurated in 1965 in Florida. They also bag the Division Championship thirteen times and Conference Championship five times.
  • 20. Minnesota Vikings – The winner of NFL Championship – Minnesota Vikings team originated in 1960 in Minnesota. They have won Conference Championship four times and Division Championship twenty times.
  • 21. New England Patriots – The beginning of the team New England Patriots team was in 1959 based in Greater Boston. The Team has won Super Bowl Championship five times.
  • 22. New Orleans Saints – The beginning of team was in 1966 in Louisiana. They have won once the Super Bowl Championship.
  • 23. New York Giants – They have won four times NFL Championships and also the Super Bowl Championships. The New York Giants team initiated in 1925 in New Jersey.
  • 24. New York jets – The beginning of the New York Jets team was in 1959 in New Jersey. They have won AFL Championship and Super Bowl Championship.
  • 25. Oakland Raiders – The Oakland Raiders team has won the Super Bowl Championship thrice, began in 1960 in California.
  • 26. Philadelphia Eagles – The team began in 1933 in Pennsylvania. They have won NFL Championship three times.
  • 27. Pittsburgh Steelers – The six times winner of Super Bowl Championship began in 1933 in Pennsylvania.
  • 28. San Francisco 49ers – The five times winner team of Super Bowl Championship instigated in 1946 in California.
  • 29. Seattle Seahawks – The team with Super Bowl Championship began in 1976 in Washington.
  • 30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The beginning of the team which won once the Super Bowl Championship was in 1976 in Florida.
  • 31. Tennessee Titans – The team which bags the Conference Championship began in 1960 in Florida. They have earned twice the AFL Championship.
  • 32. Washington Redskins – The two times winner of NFL championship was initiated in 1932 in Maryland. The team also bags three times Super Bowl Championship.

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