The Punch Boxing Season 9: Indian Boxer Harsh Gill outclassed his Nigerian Counterpart Mbelwa Said Juma to retain his Cruiserweight Title

Professional Boxing is already very popular all over the world even India is witnessing tremendous popularity regarding this combat sport.

The Punch Boxing Season 9 was successfully concluded today in Gurugram, Haryana where top professional boxers compete against each other to prove their mettle and showcase their boxing skills to ardent fans.

The Punch Boxing tournament is organized by Arif Khan and his team who work hard behind the scenes to take this sport to next pedestal.

Team Sportzcraazy was in Gurugram to cover this event exclusively where 10 fights took place which begun with 52 Kg weight category bout between Adil and Wahed.

It was followed by fight between Ashwin Ramesh and Saksham for 79 Kg category for 4 rounds.

The highlight matches of the tournament was bout between Harsh Gill and Mbelwa Said Juma in the Cruiserweight category.

Harsh Gill outclassed his opponent in first 3 bouts and ensured that the title remained with him.

We also got chance to interact with him, where we asked distinct questions to him regarding how calm he remains during his bout as Boxing is a fast paced and exciting sport?

How did he manage to do so well in the sport like Boxing? To which he simply stated that “When I enter the ring all I focus on keeping myself calm and applying myself out there. I believe there is no need to panic and you will learn this with experience. I believe that preparation mentally is something which I do a lot and that helps me in my actual game”.

There was another match, played between Ravi Dhama against Vijendra Kumar in Light-Heavyweight category, which was won by the latter.

We also had a chance to interact with Vijendra Kumar where we asked him variety of questions one such questions the role of fan and media in popularizing the sport to which he responded “We are still obsessed with cricket and if other sports needs to grow in our country we need equal coverage by media across all Indian sports”. 

Overall, It was great edition of Punch Boxing which will keep on doing their role silently all we need to do as fans and journalist that we need to read and write about the events related to boxing more often so that the game can reach towards its utmost popularity.