“My Parents wanted me to play Tennis but I developed inclination towards Boxing” reveals International Boxer Harsh Gill in an exclusive conversation with Team Sportzcraazy

Professional boxing is one of the most lucrative sports in the world, but in India, knowledge, and scalability are still lacking. To change this, various media outlets and fans must stand up, start watching matches and establish a passion for this sport.

The majority of us who consider ourselves to be sports enthusiasts frequently take the time to watch the sport of boxing when it is televised during the Olympics, Asian Games, and other unrelated events. However, this is insufficient; the marketing of this game needs to be done in a way that fans become fixated on their TV screens.

In the coming section, we have addressed all those challenges and the future of this sport in our country where we interacted with Mr. Harsh Gill( International Boxer and WBC Asia Champion) . Let us share the conversation in the detailed format below: 

Q-1: Why did you only choose boxing when there are so many combat and contact sports available, such as wrestling, judo, and kabaddi?

Harsh Gill: I’ve always enjoyed having a good time and have been passionate about playing sports. Back then, I had a preference for the games of Kabaddi and wrestling. Due to my love of games, my parents urged me to play a professional game. I joined a tennis academy, where I began training, and I played tennis for two years, although I had little interest in this well-known sport. Fortunately, I didn’t have strong strokes because everyone’s strength varies, therefore I used to go to the stadium at that time. I observed others rushing over to play boxing, which gradually led me to fall in love with the sport. After I met Dr. Rajiv Godara, I preferred attending a boxing academy instead of a tennis academy, which my parents were unaware of. Eventually, I persuaded my parents to support my dream of becoming a Professional Boxer.


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Q-2: How did you prepare yourself mentally?

Harsh Gill: To prepare mentally, I concentrate on my food, listen to some selected music, and practice running in case circumstances in my life are challenging.

Harsh Gill

Q-3: A little about your diet and exercise, please?

Harsh Gill: You see, I favor smart training since it expands our skill sets while requiring little work. My coach created a training schedule for me in which he made sure I continued my power and speed training during the offseason. Mostly I emphasize speed, power, and footwork.


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Q-4: Any Favourite Punches?

Harsh Gill: My signature punch, the right uppercut, is one of my favorites, and those who know me well have seen it in most of my fights.

Q-5: How can we increase this game’s popularity in India?

Harsh Gill: Let me explain. Professional boxing is the most well-liked game in the entire world. In one game, an excellent boxer named Floyd Mayweather earned 1800 crore in just 18 minutes, a feat that has never been documented in the game’s history. Punch Boxing and other competitions are working incredibly hard to spread the popularity of this boxing sport.

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