Simone Biles – The best Gymnast we have ever seen!

Simone Biles, considered as the world’s greatest female gymnast, has proven her worth at the RIO Olympics by snatching a medal and confirming her reputation at the International level. She won the women’s individual all round medals which are and will be remembered by everyone. Victories in such events brought her endorsements and an adoring popularity for her.

Aspiring gymnasts can look up to her as a prime example as she performs exactly top her abilities are unimaginable.  She isn’t just a competitor but can be called as fierce warrior. She overcame every gender discrimination comment.  She once said that, it is her ability to enjoy the spotlight which set her apart and gives her the hunger to achieve. No female gymnast in the past had the power or reached such soaring heights or been so consistent.

The difference between this three-time world champion and others are simple. She is faster and faster, stronger and stronger than others. She also said that, as a child, she used to watch older girls and look them as an inspiration. She has the ability of learning new things quickly which will take maximum of a three days. Her coach also had a mouth full of praise for her. She proved that cheer and calmness are not the only attributes to get to the top of the game field.

Simone Biles

She can put her foot couple of feet higher than her rivals. One thing which can help her gain consistency is her body shape; it is more of a compact type and perfect for the sport. She became the all time great when she won the gold medal, which is her third one at Doha championships. It was just won a few days ago, this is when the people decided that this American woman is a all-time best gymnast Sad part is, she is fighting a kidney stone problems which sent her to the hospital in emergency basis.

Despite all this, she wakes up each day and fights for her rewards through her achievements. She is also a first woman to win all the medals in a world championship. She has won medals in each world championships in which she has competed in with 18 in total. She is completely taking her sport to a new level which will encourage more women towards the sport.

One specific move is putting her into the air, turning two back-flips and then a twisting somersault with nearly an inhuman hang time. Biles executed the double flawlessly and upright, also in a foam pit.

Simone Biles Images

Biles ‘dominance comes at a time when the competition isn’t what it used to be; shrinking funding and political instability have whittled away traditional powerhouses from Eastern Europe. Romania, which has won an Olympic team medal in every Game since 1976, failed to even qualify a squad for the team competition in Rio.

But Biles doesn’t exactly need the help. “Typically, gymnastics careers have peaks and valleys, but Simone has blown that apart,” says Shannon Miller. “She’s like, you know what, I’m just going to hang out at the top, and I’m good here.”

In the world of alcohol and smoking promoting and proving feminism, there are women like Simone Biles who be the real example of feminism. The word awesomeness will be the understatement for her. Let us conclude by telling that, we are expecting more and more women force like this as a gift to the earth.

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