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About PlayerzPot

We all dream to earn some of the extra income apart from our constant income.  And so, if you are a sports lover then you can earn some real cash while playing the game online fantasy game. Playerzpot is a fantasy sports game for cricket, football and kabaddi players. It is a game of skill and sports knowledge. Players can create their own team, choose their players and win big amounts. The amount won can be transferred to the bank or the Paytm.

Playerzpot is safe as the players get full transparency and quick transfer options for the winning amount. This game is famous as fantasy gaming along with the other applications. Fantasy gaming is growing big in India as it is a game of skill and helps the players to brush them up and be smart in-game. It also helps the players to earn the extra income so playing becomes fun and also an earning source.

There is no better way than to earn from one’s passion. This is a golden opportunity for all those who have the sports knowledge and skills as they can convert their love for the sport into the cool cash awards. Playerzpot is a customer-centric approach and therefore it ensures the highest possible gain for the customers in the easiest, reliable and secure way. It aspires to be one of the best management games of cricket with the established standard operating procedure and processes.

Registration and Verification

PlayerzPot Registeration

Every player who registers for the first time to the world Fantasy Sports on PlayerzPot will get Rs 100 Sign up cash bonus into their PlayerzPot account. Players will also receive Rs.20 on mobile number verification, Rs.10 on email verification and 25% Cashback up to Rs 70 on your first deposit.

There are four steps to register yourself and you can follow the below steps to register yourself on the PlayerzPot: –

  1. You would need to visit the website
  2. Click on Register button where it states first time user.
  3. You would then need to enter your mobile number and email id. Make sure you enter the correct mobile number and email id as you will not be able to change the number after the registration process. Also, users are advised to enter the number which is registered with the Paytm as it will help in winning the cash prize.
  4. The next step would be to enter the state and the referral
  5. The third step is to enter the password and confirm the password.
  6. You will then receive the one- time password in your registered mobile number.
  7. Enter the One -time password and then you can confirm the registration process.
  8. Once the registration process is completed, you can log in on the website, to begin with, the game.

How to Play PlayerzPot

How to play PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot is India’s biggest fantasy sports game of skills and is all about using your sports knowledge to create your playing squad with the given gems. Gems are the virtual credits and money that is used to play the game. There are various sports available on fantasy game like fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi and so you need to remember that there is a strategy- based game of skill, based on selecting your best squad before the match begins.

Creating Team On PlayerzPot Is Very Easy And Simple, Just Join Any league And Create Teams, Keep In Mind, You Can Select Minimum 3 Batsman From Squad And Maximum 5, Same In Bowler Section You Have To Select Minimum 3 Bowler And Maximum Of 5, In All-Rounder Section Select 2-3 Players, While It’s Mandatory To Keep One Wicket Keeper In Squad To Make Perfect Eleven In Team.

You can follow the below steps to play the game: –

  1. You would need to first register or login to play the game on the PlayerzPot.
  2. Select the sports you want to play Check/add balance Check available pots Create your squad.
  3. You should select the squad carefully as this is one of the ways to win the game. Select your best Squad for the matching Cricket – Squad Of 11 Players 3-5 Batsmen 3-5 Bowlers 1 Wicketkeeper 1-3 All-Rounder.
  4. The selection of squads will depend on the number of gems you have, so select the squad within the limit of the gem. You can create your squad of eleven members from both teams competing for each other.
  5. You can check the match status which is – Upcoming which means Match is about to start, Ongoing which means Match is started and Completed which means the winner declared.
  6. PlayerzPot is open to receive any sort of queries so you can send all your queries to [email protected]. However, you should always check the frequently asked questions that are published on the website before you mail your query to PlayerzPot.

Players can win the bonus point with the following rules: –

  1. Players who come as a substitute for any other player will not receive any points for his performance in that match.
  2. There are 4 points for being a part of playing XI game.
  3. Economy rate and clean bowling are only pertinent to bowlers and all-rounders.
  4. For calculation of Economy rate of a Player, he should bowl at-least 2 Overs in T20/T10 and 5 Overs for ODI. Economy rate is not calculated in Test format.
  5. Strike rate is applicable to Batsman, All Rounders and Wicket Keeper.
  6. For calculation of Strike rate of a Player, he must face at least 10 Balls in T20/T10, 20 Balls in ODI. Strike rate is not calculated in Test format.
  7. The player who you select as a star player will receive x2 the points and captain will receive x 1.5 the points of his performance.
  8. If captain earns total points in decimal number then we select the upper value of the point. For EX: If the captain receives 13.5 points, we consider it as 14 points.
  9. Points for clean bowling totally depends on the data provider. In case if the data from the data provider is incomplete then the conclusion to award points for the same to the players entirely relies on PlayerzPot team.
  10. When a player doesn’t give away any extras in his complete spell then he receives the Clean Bowling Bonus point. Player need to bowl at-least 2 Overs in T20 and 5 overs in ODI for being eligible for receiving Clean Bowling points.
  11. When a player gets dismissed scoring 0 Runs and has faced more than 1 ball then it is considered as Duck.
  12. When a player gets dismissed at the first ball, he is facing is a golden duck.
  13. When a player gets dismissed without facing any balls is a Diamond duck.
  14. Duck, Golden Duck and Platinum Duck are applicable to Batsman, Wicket Keepers and All-rounders.
  15. Not-out/Retired hurt is only applicable for Batsman, Wicket Keeper, All-Rounders. Player needs to face at least 6 balls in T20, 18 balls in ODI. Not-out/Retired is not applicable in Test format.
  16. Points for Maiden are given to all i.e. to Bowlers, Batsmen, Wicket Keeper and All-Rounders.
  17. Winning bonus is given to the actual winning team players. In case of Tie, none of the players is awarded the winning bonus.
  18. In the case where, in a runout, 3 players are included, in that case, first 2 players will be considered as Thrower and the third player will be considered as Catcher.
  19. In any format when there is a tiebreaker played in form of Super over or ball-out, the team victorious in the Super over or ball-out will be awarded the winning bonus points. The runs scored and the wicket was taken or any bowling, fielding or batting points acquired in the tiebreaker will not be considered in the actual points calculation on our portal.
  20. The data we use to give the points to the players and verify the players are received through various resources. In case if the points on our website differ from other websites then PlayerzPot does-not hold any responsibility in this scenario.

Referral Code

Referral Code

Now, this is something interesting in your pockets, PlayerzPot sports fantasy league gives you an option of referring this game to your friends and winning the referral amount. Now you will think that this is not something new, all games provide us with refer and earn. But here you will win a total of 10% of your friends winning too. The more your friend wins, the more you win. Below Are the Steps to Refer Your Friends with Your PlayerzPot Referral Code: –

  1. Login to Your PlayerzPot Account
  2. Check the Top Middle Banner of PlayerzPot Refer and Earn Program
  3. Click on PlayerzPot Refer and Earn Program
  4. Copy Your PlayerzPot Referral Code and Share with Your Friends
  5. Every time, When Your Friends Will Join PlayerzPot With Your PlayerzPot Referral Code, You Will Earn 10% on every transaction your friends or referrals made
  6. You Can Refer Unlimited Friends on PlayerzPot And Earn Program Lots of Money
  7. Keep in mind, you can’t withdraw this amount but use it to play matches instead and when you win you can withdraw the amount.

PlayerzPot Point System

To play the fair game, you must understand the point system on the PlayerzPot. Winners scores are decided on the steps of fantasy points and it gives you more points on batsmen. PlayerzPot Sports Fantasy League gives 1 point for every run scored. It is best to select the all-rounder in your team to grab more opportunities for winning the game. Meanwhile, you should look into the below point system to understand better: –

Player Type Scoring Type T20/T10 One Day Test
Batting Per runs 1 point 1 point 1 point
Batting 4’s 2 point 1 point 1 point
Batting 6’s 3 point 2 point 2 point
Batting Duck -3 point – 4 point NA
Batting 50 runs 5 point 4 point 3 point
Batting 100 runs 10 point 8 point 6 point
Batting Obstructing the field -5 point -5 point -5 point
Strike Rate 80 & below -3 point -2 point NA
Strike Rate Between 81 to 130 0 point 0 point NA
Strike Rate Above 131 3 point 2 point NA
Bowling Maiden 5 point 3 point NA
Bowling Per wickets 10 point 10 point 15 point
Bowling 3 wickets 10 point 10 point 15 point
Bowling 5 wickets 15 point 15 point 20 point
Economy rate 5 & below 2 point 1 point NA
Economy rate Between 5 to 7 0 point 0 point NA
Economy rate Above 7 -1 point -2 point NA
Fielding Per catch 5 point 5 point 5 point
Fielding Direct run-out 8 point 8 point 8 point
Fielding Thrower / Catcher 5 / 3 point 5 / 3 point 5 / 3 point
Fielding Stumping 5 point 5 point 5 point
Bonus Points Above 125 runs 20 point NA NA
Bonus Points Above 150 runs NA 20 point NA
Bonus Points Above 200 runs NA NA 20 point
Bonus points 7 or more wickets 20 Point 20 point NA
Bonus Points 10 or more wickets NA NA 20 point
How to Withdraw Money

paytm wallet

The first thing to withdraw money from the PlayerzPot Account is to link the Paytm wallet. The minimum value you can withdraw is Rs 150 from the PlayerzPot account. You can follow the below steps to withdraw the money: –

  1. You would need to go to PlayerzPot dashboard
  2. Then click on the PlayerzPot wallet
  3. You would now be able to select withdraw money and enter the amount
  4. However, remember that a 3% transaction charge will be levied if the withdrawal amount is less than Rs 500
Important Guides

There are certain rules before you join and register for the fantasy game on the PlayerzPot which are as follows: –

  1. You must be 18 of the age to earn from fantasy games.
  2. You must play with a single account. If you play with multiple accounts, chances are higher for account deactivation and loss of all the real cash winnings.
  3. Maximum of 6 teams can be made In Single Grand Leauge.
  4. Minimum Withdrawal Limit Is Rs.150.
  5. A total of 3% of the withdrawal amount is made. But no deductions are done if the withdrawal amount is above Rs 500.
  6. No need to verify KYC For withdrawal your winning.
  7. You can refer your unlimited friends.

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