Shah Rukh Khan co-owned KKR ready to invest in “The Hundred”

Shah Rukh Khan co-owned KKR ready to invest in The Hundred

The owners of the Indian Premier League franchise Kolkata Knight Riders who also own a team in the Caribbean Premier League Tribango Knight Riders is all set to invest in the new format of Cricket launched by England and Wales Cricket Board known as “The Hundred”.

Shah Rukh Khan co-owned KKR ready to invest in The Hundred

“The Hundred” is a 100 ball game format and it has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID 19.

According to a report published in The Telegraph which states that KKR owners have shown interest in investing in this new format.

ECB can lose over 300 Pounds if the entire season is wiped out, therefore they are considering whether private investments should be allowed in this or not.

As ECB CEO Tom Harrison told the UK government digital, media committee that “We can sense that there is no cricket happening in England and that would mean we will lose over 380 pounds which is the worst-hit that we have faced financially till now apart from this it will be loss of 800 days of cricket.

This new format “The Hundred” was supposed to add 11 million pounds in our financial tally as the purpose of conducting this tournament was not just to entertain people but also use this format as a profit centre especially the conditions we are all in so hosting this tournament was the need of an hour.”

“The Hundred” generated huge animosity from the time it was introduced as from the past few years new formats of the game are coming in existence say for e.g “T10 league, The Hundred, etc”.