Seven huge trends which will change the face of Video Gaming Industry in years to come

With the arrival of “PS5” and “Xbox Series X” the impact it will generate in the video gaming industry will be immense.

Here in this article, we will be covering seven huge trends which will be used in next 3 years to change the face of gaming ecosystem worldwide. 

  • Roblox to scale the market of Indie Gaming: The concept of Indie gaming is nothing new but what has added to its immense popularity in the recent past is the introduction of platforms like “Steam” which allows developers to easily distribute their new games.


  • This has given huge avenues to Indie games like “Among us” and “Stardew Valley” who became bestsellers. Roblox is scaling these games by combining game creation and game distribution on one platform.


  • The platform has more than 200 million active users and the aspiring game developers are taking help from Roblox to quickly take feedback and focus on those pointers which will improve their game from large users base of players.


  • Enhancing diversity in games: When you imagine active players associated with the games you would agree that percentage of men players is more as compare to female counterpart.


  • In Fact 65 percent of women in US love playing mobile games and games like Animal Crossing has helped to bring more women closer to video games.


  •  It is a male dominated industry but considering the reports from different media outlets, 30 percent jobs   in the gaming industry worldwide is occupied by women.


  • However things are changing not at rapid pace but yes it is changing as we are starting to witness many women and minorities given more prominence in the world of video games.


  • More advanced PC Gaming Platforms:  The technical advancement of PC gaming industry will be worth approximately around $35 billion which in itself is a huge amount as compare to entire gaming console market.


  • There was a time most of the gamers used to visit platform like Steam to browse, buy, review and play PC  games at one place but is one of the platforms that cracked away the dominance from Steam.
  • Other developers like Epic Games offers a sizeable library in different domain from strategy to RPG.


  • Cloud Gaming Service growth and Expansion: Cloud gaming have resolved all the issue that users face when they buy games online. After purchasing the game online you need hardware for installation.


  • But when it comes to cloud gaming, players can take part in any games and stream these games in real time. You don’t need to download any game and  you can start playing them anytime.


  •  Just to give your clear understanding of cloud based games it can be defined in simple word-as those online games which runs on remote servers where multiple players can play remotely on cloud.


  • Next generation console which will battle out against each other: Xbox Series X and Play Station 5 which was introduced in 2020 and already existing established console giants like “Nintendo Switch” in the worldwide market will play pivotal role to determine the growth of video gaming industry in the years to come.


  • The introduction of PS5 over PS4 reduces load times which has also enabled game developer to create     more deeper and detailed worlds.


  • More Remarks and Reboots version of the game: Most of the games who have been successful in the past they are replicated now as the reboot version of their existing games including the likes of- Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 has been remade by the developers after making couple of updations and sold at a high price in the market.


  • This is the biggest reason why developers are working extremely hard to replicate the new version of their  already existing games.


  1. Early Acess of games will work as win- win situation for gamers and developers: Nowadays with the advent of technology ardent players get to play a game months or even years in advance. 
  • These days developers take feedback from players  and use Early Access as a way to receive feedback from actual players and if these feedbacks are constructive it can change the direction of the game.


Overall the future of video games looks bright with the advent of technology and other avenues opening up for gamers to compete and make a name for themselves.