Serie A League – History, Teams, Records & Upcoming Matches

Serie A League

Serie A League : Italy has been the biggest contributor to sports football and it is one of the most popular sports in the country. Like other European countries Italy also a country with a huge number of the fan base for football and it clearly reflects in their records at both international level and league level events. Italy also got their own league Serie A and Serie B which has its own history and tradition to its name.

Serie A League

It is the only league across the globe to have more than 100 editions till now. No wonder the success of Serie A League has been the major reason for the overwhelming popularity of football in the country. It played a huge role in improving the infrastructure and finding the right talents and molding them into future stars. Lots of players from other countries have been signing for Serie A clubs due to good remuneration.

The league is not only popular in European regions but also making strong in roots in Asia and African regions these days and their popularity in American regions are also increasing heavily these days.  Here everything about Serie A Football Leagues like its history, teams, statistics and upcoming matches are discussed below.

History of Serie A League

Serie A League history

Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A is the actual name of the Italian football league Serie A which has been existing right from 1898 and current playing format and structure developed in the year of 1929. Those days no trophies were awarded to title winners and the idea of awarding trophies was established in the year of 1961 and the trophy was named as Coppa Campioni D’italia.

League has seen lots of ups and downs over the years and the number of teams has been increased and decreased over the period of time. During the establishment of the league, it was played between 18 teams and currently, 20 teams have been locking horns for the prestigious title.

Serie A is the top level football league in the country and the second division of the league was established in the year of 1929 and named as Serie B. After few years the third division was also found and named as Serie C.

Teams that are finding place in top three positions at Serie A League will be qualified for champions league which is a league-based tournament played between the top league teams across Europe. During 2005-06 season teams that are placed in the bottom of the Serie A league are relegated to Serie B and the teams that find their place in top three of the Serie B is promoted to Serie A.

Serie A League Statistics

Juventus in Serie A League

As you all know Juventus, Napoli and Milan are the most popular teams across the globe and they are dominating the statistics column.

Out of other teams, Juventus FC has been the most successful team in Serie A so far as they have won the title 34 times over the years. Milan and Internationale are standing second and third position as they have bagged titles 18 times each.

Internazionale is the team that has participated in the number of times over the years. they have participated in the tournament 86 times so far and Juventus and Roma are standing second and third position as they have made appearances in 85 occasions.

The 1947-48 seasons saw the highest number of teams participating in the league. 21 teams have participated in the tournament that time. Serie A league has seen the average participation of 18 teams over the years and during the 1967-68 season and 1987-88 seasons saw the participation of 16 teams due to internal reasons.

During the Second World War 1944-45, the league was not conducted.

  • As you know Serie A Football League is one of the most popular leagues in the world which draws a huge crowd to the stadium as well as will get the huge amount of TRP ratings. Home ground of both Internazionale and Milan has got the huge capacity of crowds with 80,000 seats. The average attendance for Serie A matches for the last couple of years is 39,410.
  • Juventus FC has been again topping the list when it comes to most wins in a single season with 33 and also topping the list with most number of home wins 19.
  • Juventus has recorded the highest number of goals overall with 5000 goals and the team Internazionale stands second with 4863 and million standing third with 1358 goals.
  • Torino has scored 125 goals in a single season which stands still like the record of most number of goals in a season by a team.
  • When it comes to individual records Gianluigi Buffon holds the record of most number of titles with 9 times and all coming in for Juventus. Virginio Rosetta stands second in the list with 8 titles (2 with Pro Vercelli and 6 with Juventus)
  • Paolo Maldini holds the record of most number of appearances in the history of Serie A as he has appeared 647 times in the league and Gianluigi Buffon has recorded 640 appearances for Serie A.
  • Marco Ballotta and Amedeo Amadei are the oldest and youngest players represented in Serie A Football League respectively and Valeri Bojinov has been the youngest foreign player to represent in Serie A league.
  • Cagliari Calcio is the highest goal scorer in the history of the Serie A. In a career that spun over 33 years he has netted 274 times in Serie A.

Defending Champions in Serie A League

Champions in Serie A League

Juventus the most successful team in Serie A league has been the defending champions. They have beaten Napoli in the finals with a 2-0 margin. With Christiano Ronaldo in their ranks, they are unstoppable last year and the people of Italy have witnessed the great season last year and Juventus is hoping to repeat the same performance this year also.

Upcoming Season

118th edition of Serie A is all set to begin in August this year. The current edition is scheduled to end by may this year. Matches will be played on round robin format and the different organizational committee has been formed for Serie B league this year.

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