Serena Williams Confirms Participation in US Open, Fans Waiting for Nadal and Djokovic to say yes to the Tournament


Serena Williams

Fears that strict health protocols due to the COVID-19 outbreak could deter the biggest names in tennis to participate in the upcoming U.S. Open which is one of the most popular tennis open in the world.

There is an interesting thing that happened in the U.S. Open when Serena Williams confirms her participation and fans are equally waiting for Nadal and Djokovic to say yes to the tournament.

Williams said in a video message played during United States Tennis Association news conference, stating “Ultimately, I really cannot wait to return to New York and play the U.S. Open 2020,”.

She further added, I feel like the USTA is going to do a really good job of ensuring everything is amazing and everything is perfect and everyone is safe.”

There is still one problem that needs to be clarified from U.S. Open officials and i.e the number of support staff they can bring on-site as the players who participate in the marquee event they are joined by coaches, support staff, hitting partner, physiotherapist, and fitness guru, etc.

A statement came from U.S. Open tournament director Stacey Allaster during a video conference as she added “We understand the needs of athletes,” and she further added that “We just need to make sure that we navigate physical distancing and ensure that we keep everyone spread out and also everyone gets the proper training and preparation that they need.”

As the Billie Jean King National Health Center, home to U.S. Open will also host the Western and Southern Open, which is normally held in Ohio from August 22-28th as part of efforts to stem the spread of the virus.

Also during U.S. Open, this year will not include a mixed doubles tournament, players as well guests will wear masks when onsite unless practising or competing.

Allaster also concluded by talking about the health protocols that athletes need to follow as she added that “As in every year, the health and well being of our athletes, their safety is paramount to our medical team and it will be unwavering during this event.”

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