Sachin Tendulkar didn’t deserve Bharat Ratna: Former MP Shivanand Tiwari

Life is fickle, and nothing is important.  For nearly more than three decades he is often regarded as God of Indian cricket.  He receives a demi god like status in India with the way he batted for the national team for close to 24 years.

But then it took only one tweet for India to turn against Tendulkar was just a single tweet. As the ongoing Farmer protest is the biggest issue with farmers protesting on delhi borders from more than 72 days against new farmer law.

As per the reports are to believed 150 farmers have succumbed to death so far.

Tendulkar who normally stay silent voice his opinion via Tweet where he receiving huge criticism from large section of people.

Master Blaster wrote on his official Twitter account “India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. External forces can be spectators but not participants. Indians know India and should decide for India. Let’s remain united as a nation.”

To which former Rajya Sabha MP Shivanand Tewari have joined the criticism against Tendulkar and has stated that master blaster did not deserve Bharat Ratna. He added that farmer who are on the streets have no idea about what is being written on social sites and someone like Tendulkar who have been the face of several brands in the past has lost his respect in the eyes of large section of people who eagerly waited for the champion player at the crease during his playing tenure.

“Farmers live in villages and do not know about Twitter and what is being written here. Once two foreigners supported the farmers, Tendulkar jumped into the debate. Tendulkar is a brand ambassador of several products and did not deserve to get Bharat Ratna. There are many deserving people like Dhyanchand who should have got it,” said Tewari in a chat with The Indian Express.

“I wonder if Sachin Tendulkar should not have got Bharat Ratna, who else deserved it? Shivanand Tewari has turned senile and does not know what he is speaking. He needs a good psychiatrist,” said Anand in response to Tewari’s criticism.