Rural Electrification Corporation partners BFI to boost Indian boxing’s growth; company will be spending INR 30 crores over the period of three years

Leading Maharatna Company under the Ministry of Power, Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) will be supporting the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) to provide a major boost to the development of Indian boxing for the next three years.

The company will be spending INR 30 crore, as part of its CSR initiative, over the period of three years with an aim to develop the sport in India.

As a part of the support agreement, BFI will be utilising the funds to conduct an international training camp in New Delhi from March 3 to 12 ahead of the upcoming 2023 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.

“We are delighted to have REC as a major stakeholder in our mission to develop Indian boxing and take the game to newer heights. REC’s commitment towards nation-building constitutes their core value and this is no different to BFI’s vision and goal of transforming India into a boxing powerhouse globally,” said BFI Vice President and Head of Marketing Debojo Maharshi. 

Through this partnership, REC will also provide support in conducting international camps for national boxers across all age categories and will also contribute in grassroots development by empowering state-level training academies and coaches to shape the future of Indian boxing.

The support agreement also includes escalating grassroot progress by nurturing young boxers and offering scholarships to individual talents across all age groups, identified through the national championships.

“This partnership will bolster our efforts in identifying fresh talents and taking the game to the furthest corner of the country in a much more deep-rooted manner. Our objective is also to explore if India can host more international camps and invite foreign teams just like the upcoming camp before the World Championships, which will help boxers not only to acclimatise but also get all-important sparring before the crucial tournament,” he further added.

Indian boxing has seen an immense rise in the last few years, clinching 140 medals at the top international tournaments and India also jumped spots to rank third among all the boxing nations in the world ranking recently.

Source : Boxing Federation of India