Ronaldinho arrives in Brazil after Paraguay Detention

Former Brazil football star Ronaldinho arrived home on a private jet on Tuesday from Paraguay. He was found guilty of having a fake passport due to which he was sentenced to jail for one month and house arrest for four months in Paraguay.

He travelled for Paraguay along with his brother on March 4th as he was supposed to take part in the event organised for disabled children.

However, two days later they were found guilty of keeping fake documents and were taken to police custody after investigators raided their hotel on March 6th.

The ace player is free to travel to any country now but before he make any changes to his permanent residence he should inform us in advance and he needs to follow this procedure for one year” The judge said.

He has no restrictions except for the fulfilment of reparations for damage to society“.

Ronaldinho was granted release after he paid $110, 000 and agreed to all terms and conditions which he signed in the release letter.

He won 2 FIFA player of the year along with one Ballon d’Or. He is widely known as the player who had great technical skills apart from accuracy he generated from his free kicks.

During his playing days, he mostly played at midfielder position apart from playing in forward as well as winger Position in few matches. In 2013, he was named in top 100 footballers who have ever played the game by Pele.