Portugal National football Team, the pride of Portugal

Portugal National football team

Portugal National Football Team holds the glory of being one and only men’s Football Association of Portugal since 1921. This team is governed by a Portuguese Football Association from the very beginning of the team.

Portugal National football team

The nickname of this team is very unique which means the navigator and they are really navigating the way of football in Portugal since very long time. Portugal national football team is in the UEFA confederation of Europe as Portugal is the mesmerizing country of Europe itself. The chief coach of this team is Fernando Santos and the captain is very known Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portugal National Football Team History

The Portugal National Football Team was not invited to the 1930 world cup and in this world cup only final stages were there without having any preliminary or qualifying round. Portugal was invited to World cup for the first time in 1934 and they failed in the qualifying round itself against the Spanish team that year. They faced defeat twice for that tournament, which was too late round. The first defeat was by Madrid by 9-0 and the second one was from Lisbon by 2-1. Portugal National Football Team again failed in the qualification round in 1938 FIFA World Cup by Switzerland. They lost to the Swiss Team by 2-1 in Milan.

After that till 1950 World Cup there was no world cup held because of World War 2 in the Europe and in this time for two girl revived by playing some other games against some teams. But they were defeated very badly after 2 years of World War II against England by the score of 10-0 in which it was proved that they are really left behind from the other teams in the world. This was the effect of the World War II among the European teams and also it is considered to be the deadliest fall of the Portugal National Football Team. In 1950 FIFA World Cup, Portugal was invited and they want to play against Spain just like 1934 world cup and they were defeated again.

But later on after Turkey withdraw their name from the world cup Portugal was invited to play as a substitute of Turkey but they refuse to play in that tournament also. In 1954 World Cup qualification round Portugal National Football Team again could not make it against Austria. In 1958 FIFA World Cup qualifying round Portugal National Football team won for the first time by 3-0 and they were first in the group stage, but Northern Ireland qualified being the most scorers in the tournament.

In 1960 UEFA created the new tournament name European football championship and it was a knockout tournament as the first edition of this Champions League and Portugal was invited to play the tournament. The Portugal Team is considered to be the mediocre team from 1970 to 1990 and they were in the group stage in all the tournaments with other teams like Austria, Scotland etc. The golden generation of Portugal Football is considered to be the Year from 1952 to 2006. At this time Portugal was at its peak by winning the games and being at the first place in the group stage of FIFA World Cup.

In between these in 1998 Portugal failed to qualify into the FIFA World Cup again. But Portugal regained their dignity after that. Portugal Football Team came third in FIFA World Cup 1966 and came forth in FIFA World Cup 2006. They became the winners in UEFA Champions League in 2016. These can be considered as their Major winnings of all time.

Some Interesting Facts About Portugal Football Team

Ronaldo facts

The colour of the jersey of Portugal National Football Team is alternated between the burgundy and the deep red for the home matches. in 2014 Fifa World Cup they played with the jersey of both burgundy and red colour which was really remarkable to the people who saw the matches. Previously the kits of the Portugal Team has been made by Adidas and Olympic but from 1997 Nike is making there kits till now. All the matches of Portugal National Football Team are covered by RTP.

The star player of the team is Cristiano Ronaldo currently and he is progressing with so much space that the team itself is is really proud of him as an honorable captain. The home stadium of this team is Estadio Nacional in Oeiras. But their games are played in other stadiums also throughout the country. The first ever major participation in the world class football by the Portugal was in the 1966 FIFA World Cup, which was like a milestone for them in the sky of FIFA world class football tournaments.

In 2010 FIFA World Cup Carlos queiroz, the coach of Portugal Football Team got into some very nasty controversies because of defending his team players from doping test and using curse words to the testers also. Even his suspension was expanded for 6 months more after the tournament because of the severity of his deed. The face of the team is Cristiano Ronaldo right now. The fool story of the scheme has been changed after he came into the picture uh and right now he is leading the team and preceding to a greater winnings gradually.

This team has faced so many defeats right after its formation. They were defeated back to back from 1930 FIFA world cup qualifying round to 1954 FIFA world cup qualifying round but they didn’t give up and tried again and again by rejuvenating their team. After so many defeats they managed to get into the tournament and also gained some popularity by securing positions in the tournament later on with the help of some renowned players and coaches in their line-up. So Portugal National Football Team can be considered as the symbol of consistency and perseverance at the first place and it can be very inspiring for other people if they see their struggle just to reach the group stage of FIFA World Cup throughout the year from 1930 to 1954.

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