Top 10 Players With The Fastest 50 Wickets in T20 International

Fastest 50 Wickets in T20

It is evident that bowlers do not have enough room to prove their performance in the T20 format. Every bowler gets a maximum of 4 overs, which needs to utilized efficiently to pick wickets in an effective way. There are some of the finest bowlers in the world, who have achieved a great feat of picking 50 wickets in a quick span of time.

Most bowlers use a strategy based on the batsman and the situations because it helps them to avoid consuming boundaries. An effective strategy and a quality delivery allow the bowler to pick a wicket at a given point of time. Check out the top 10 bowlers, who picked quick 50 wickets in T20 international matches.

Top 10 Players with the fastest 50 wickets in T20 Internationals

#1. Ajantha Mendis – 26 Matches

Ajantha Mendis with Fastest 50 Wickets In T20 International

Ajantha Mendis is a fine bowler, who knows to twist the delivery with the help of his fingers. Effective control helps him to deliver variations from time to time. The Sri Lankan Spinner, who was a nightmare for most of the batsmen in the world. As his consistency is decreasing, the national team is not including him for the game for a long time now. Ajantha Mendis started his bright career in T20s with the help of his variations, which was difficult for the batsmen to play in fast-paced T20 environments. It took 26 matches for the player to touch the 50 wicket mark, which is nearly unbeatable by other players.

#2. Imran Tahir – 31 Matches

Imran Tahir with Fastest 50 Wickets In T20 cricket

Imran Tahir is a quality wrist bowler, who is showing consistency is both international matches and premier leagues. The legendary bowler from South Africa was picked because of his bowling style and consistency. As the delivery is tough to evaluate by the batsmen, it is easier for him to give away the wicket. Imran Tahir has been a popular wrist-spinner, who is known to have a great reputation playing both home and away turf from time to time. The player started as a specialist spinner in South Africa and picked largely by other country premier leagues. Imran took 31 matches to pick his first 50 T20 International wickets, which is considered as the second-best in the world.

#3. Dale Steyn – 35 Matches

Dale Steyn with Fastest 50 Wickets in T20

Dale Steyn is another South African, who is on the list of picking fastest 50 T20 international wickets. The exceptional pacer is one of the toughest bowlers to face by batsmen across the world because of various reasons. It is a known fact that every batsman looks for perfection while hitting the ball because a slight deviation could lose the wicket of edge. Dale Steyn is known to deliver excellent swings, it is not easier for batsmen to play with perfection. The right balance in slow and fast deliveries helped pick quick wickets in the initial overs on a regular basis. The pacer had the ability to swing the ball with variations allows him to take advantage of the situations and pick wickets in an easy way.

#4. Umar Gul – 36 Matches

Umar Gul - 36 Matches

Umar Gul is a fabulous pacer, who had a huge potential in bowling with swings on a regular basis. It is evident that every batsman will be on a hitting mode in T20 matches because the overs are very limited. Umar Gul makes use of the pressure on the batsman, which helps to play with their mindset to pick wickets. The pacer has managed to pick the first 50 wickets in 36 matches, which makes him the top bowler in Pakistan. It is evident that only smart bowlers make it to the top because it needs a lot of experience to pick wickets in a fast-paced environment.

#5. Saeed Ajmal – 37 Matches

Saeed Ajmal - 37 Matches

Saeed Ajmal was one of the dangerous spinners, who had the ability to bowl with and without pace easily. The wrist-spinner has a great reputation of picking wickets based on the situations. Saeed Ajmal was a nightmare to most of the batsmen across the world because of his spin variations. Pakistan has a reputation for building bowlers and Saeed Ajmal turns out best because of his talent in T20 matches. It is a fact that the bowler was a perfect bowler, who never lost consistency in bowling the right length. Over a period of time, batsman learned the way he bowls and started picking up comfortably.

#6. Graeme Swann – 39 Matches

Graeme Swann - 39 Matches

Graeme Swann is the only English bowler on the list. The team has produced some of the great bowlers in the past but never been able to get a hang of it in the modern T20 format of games. Graeme Swann is a quality spinner from England, who knows to turn the ball based on the player’s capabilities. Most of the players try and take the spinner for granted because they will be in a hitting mode. Graeme Swann takes the batsmen for a ride by giving a unique and unexpected spinning delivery, which makes the batsman make a mistake and give away his wicket from time to time.

#7. Samuel Badree – 39 Matches

Samuel Badree - 39 Matches

Samuel Badree is the only Windies player, who has made the list of picking quick 50 T20 International wickets. The Caribbean spinner has a great reputation for removing the batsman from the crease in a quick span of time. The spinner comes up with different variations of spin and pace together, which gives him more chances of picking wickets. Samuel Badree has been a successful spinner from the west, who has been picking wickets consecutively to prove his potential. The Windies player was a top pick among premier leagues because he has the knack of picking early wickets successfully.

#8. Shahid Afridi – 42 Matches

Shahid Afridi - 42 Matches

One of the most liked and dangerous players in the world is Shahid Afridi because of his exceptional skills. All-rounder is a top favorite among all the teams because he had the potential to play his part in both bowling and batting departments. The wrist-spinner invites the batsman to play for the ball, which helps him take benefit of the situation easily. Shahid Afridi gained most of the wickets in the final set of overs because of his spin variations. It is a known fact that the spinner had a great ability to spin the ball, but focussed more on straight balls to confuse the batsman from time to time.

#9. Shakib Al Hasan – 42 Matches

Shakib Ul Hassan - 42 Matches

The only Bangladeshi player on the list is Shakib Al Hassan. The player has a huge potential in spinning the ball based on the requirement. One of the most experienced all-rounder in the world, who has played games across the world in different leagues. Shakib is always a worthy player for any T20 team because he can contribute with both ball and bat effectively. The exceptional player took 42 matches to complete the first 50 wickets, which makes him the 9th bowler in the world. Shakib has a great temperament, which gives him enough room to think before bowling from time to time.

#10. Ravichandran Ashwin – 42 Matches

 Ravichandran Ashwin - 42 Matches

Ravichandran Ashwin is the only Indian player in the list of top 10. The player has an exceptional amount of talent, which let’s pick some of the important wickets in the early stages. Alongside Dhoni, Ashwin has seen a lot of success of a specialist spinner in the team. It is important for batsmen to study the bowler before facing him because it helps him to play effectively. Ashwin gives no room to study, which makes him a deadly bowler to face at any given point of time. A timely Dusra and Carrom ball gives nightmares to every batsman because they are almost impossible to predict and play from time to time.


Playing T20 International matches is challenging because players need to adapt to situations in an effective way. A bowler gets to bowl only 4 overs every match and making use of every ball helps him pick wickets easily. The quality bowling helps bowlers to pick wickets because it is necessary to build the pressure over the batsmen. An accurate pressure over the batsmen helps them to commit mistakes, which allows us to enjoy the wicket.

An experienced bowler will have more room to pick wickets because he can study the batsman and the situations in an effective way. A perfect analysis with a wide range of variations helps bowlers to take wickets in a quick span of time.

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