Philippe Coutinho expresses his thoughts for his former club


Brazilian star Philippe Coutinho states his thoughts for Liverpool post-Premier League results

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Barcelona’s attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho speaks up about his thoughts for his former club Liverpool’s success. Coutinho states that he is not surprised and that happy with his former club’s success and that he doesn’t repent leaving the club.

Coutinho joined Barcelona in the 2018 summer transfer for a whopping amount of £146million. left Liverpool to join Barcelona in January 2018. However, Coutinho faced a tough time to fix his place in the Barca’s playing eleven, and later joined Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich on loan at the start of the season.

Liverpool spectators and fans where quit disturbed with such a move by Coutinho, however, the transfer made way for the biggies like Virgil van Dijk and Alisson in the club.

It was the amazing performances of Van Dijk and Alisson, which led Liverpool to climb the ladder higher and won the Champions League title last season, and are right on track to win the Premier League for the very first time ever since 1990.philippe-coutinho

Jurgen Klopp’s men are currently 22 points clear to be placed at second-level followed by Manchester City with 13 matches remaining still.

According to Coutinho,  ‘Liverpool is flying, and it doesn’t surprise me.

‘We’ve seen it already last year when they won the Champions League, but I’m also not surprised because of their fantastic squad and manager.

‘I am so happy for them, because I have so many friends there, former team-mates, so I’m just so happy for them, but that’s all.’

Coutinho added in an interview with Sports Illustrated:

‘I don’t look back. I took another path, and now I am on another journey, much like everyone else

‘I’m focused entirely – just like them – on reaching my dreams. I’m happy with what I did in the past, and now I can only look forward.’